With Durga Puja Nearing You Ought To Know About The Best Types Of Bengali Sarees!

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There is absolutely no doubt in the fact that the event of Durga Puja marks immense amount of happiness in everybody’s life. There is not one Bengali, who is disappointed of the same. Nevertheless, the Bengali women are the most excited during this event.

Not only goddess Durga, but they get to decorate themselves, in the best way possible. The heritage of Bengali sarees is most definitely incomparable. And this is only why we will focus on helping with the best Bengali sarees meant for each of the special day of Durga Puja.

The days and the sarees you can select:

Durga puja usually commences from the very Mahalaya for the Bengalis. But nowadays, Panchami marks the start of it. And we will learn how you can start right here:

Panchami: Starting at the Panchami, people completely need to focus on something light and breathable. Like that of the Mul Cotton sarees. These bengali style sarees are very light and one of the best that North-East has to offer. They completely suit any girl and any body type. With this saree one can absolutely enjoy the intense pandal hopping without any problem. Also, the Khesh sarees can be an absolute replacement for the same.

Shashti: This is the 6th day of Durga puja and the crowd goes berserk. One must also understand that showing off starts today. This is exactly when a beautiful Kantha stich saree can work miracles. A completely handwoven saree will be a far more delight for sure. Nevertheless Phulia that is a handwoven Bengal saree can also work miracles for sure. Selecting the colors should be done depending on the time of the day!

Saptami: This is of course another of the most important days without any doubt. Wearing a Tussar silk this day will make one stand out in the crowd. This silk has its root in Bihar and Bengal for sure. The patta and the buti is exactly what makes it different. Not to forget the immense softness as well. The Silk sarees are most definitely a beautiful replacement for the same.

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Ashtami: This is a day that most definitely calls for two different sarees for sure. A morning event is all about the puja to the god. This is exactly when a beautiful Garad saree can make a way in. The beautiful hues of white is exactly what will make a difference. The evening sarees should be hefty enough to turn heads. What better than the Dhakai Jamdani then? These sarees represent Bengal in more than just one way possible.


Nabami: This is again one of the most important events nevertheless. The ninth day of the puja and the woman need to look the most beautiful. Trying the Baluchuri is one of the most appropriate on this day. This is one of the Murshidabad originals that people will not like to miss out on at all.

Image Source: snapdeal.com
Image Source: snapdeal.com

Bijay Dashami: The 10th day calls for Sindoor khela and one of the most necessary sarees for any Bengali girl. That is indefinitely a Sada Tant saree with Laal paar. This saree with make each and every woman stand out in their individual and unique way for sure!

With new sarees everyday of this grand festival, its obvious to plan your puja parikrama well before this festival starts. If you are outside Kolkata, specially in Odisha, you can enjoy the Cuttack durga puja


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