Finding Best Water Purifier for Borewell Water Supply in India

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How to Find best water purifier for borewell water supply in India

In India, most families depend on bore well or well water. In most cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Indore, etc are getting well or borewell water at their home for drinking purpose. Borewell water is naturally fine to drink but it is not 100% pure because of its hardness and contamination level. Your borewell water might contain bacteria, viruses and heavy metals like Arsenic, Fluoride, Lead, etc.

In simple words Hardness of water is defined by dissolved calcium and magnesium in the water. Borewell water tastes a little sour but not a health hazard. According to The Water Quality Association and US Department of Interior, the hard water is safe for drinking and no bad cause for the health unless they have high contamination level of metals like Arsenic. They have classified the hardness level as following:-

Classification mg/liter or ppm grains/gal
Soft Water 0 – 17.1 0 – 1
Slightly hard 17.1 – 60 1 – 3.5
Moderately hard 60 – 120 3.5 – 7.0
Hard 120 – 180 7.0 – 10.5
Very Hard 180 + 10.5 +
*NOTE: Other organizations might have different classifications.

How to know the hardness of Borewell water?

The best way to know the hardness of your borewell water is taking help of a TDS Meter. TDS meter helps you measure the TDS value in your water supply. As an average, more 200 PPM TDS value comes under hard water. But it also depends on the other contamination in your water.

Another method is to use government laboratory to test your borewell water. The Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation have a water testing labs in every state or district. You can take help of their support staff to know the address of water testing laboratory in your area. You can visit with a sample of your water supply. The organization will test and provides you a testing report. Thus, you may know the hardness and contamination level in your water. They’ll also let you know the parameters in your report and their majority and minority in your water.

What type of water purifier is best for borewell water?

Next step is to find the best water purifier to make your borewell water tastes good and safe for the drinking. Here are a few tips that you can use to find the best water purifier for well water supply.

  • If your water report shows heavy metals like Arsenic in your water supply then we recommend you to use an RO + UV water purifiers (Reverse Osmosis and Ultraviolet water purification).
  • If your water doesn’t contain any heavy metals and TDS value is under 300 PPM but tastes sour or bad then you might need a simple RO water purifier (Reverse Osmosis). You can use an under-sink RO system as well.
  • If your water TDS level is between 200-300 PPM and doesn’t contain any contaminants then you can go with simple gravity-based water purifier. They will improve your taste and provide you pure water for drinking.

If budget is not a big concern then an RO + UV water purifier is the best choice for borewell water.

5 Best water purifier in India for borewell water

We have listed five best RO + UV water purifiers which are best for borewell water supply. Again, it depends on the water quality you’re getting at your home. If you don’t require an RO or RO + UV water purifier then you must go for a simple Gravity based water purifier as stated above.

Here you’ll find best RO + UV water purifiers under 12000 INR which are recommended for borewell water having some heavy metals and bad taste.

#1 – HUL Pureit Classic RO + UV Water Purifier

This is one of the most selling water purifiers in India having a 6 stage purification process through RO + UV technology which gives you pure water for drinking. It easily turns up to 1800 PPM TDS level into the safe and clean water.

HUL Pureit Classic purifier works best for the small families as it has only 5 liters water storage capacity. But it filters approx 9-12 liters water per hour but it also depends on the filter stage and input water pressure. Here is the complete information about HUL Pureit Classic RO UV water purifier.

#2 – HUL Pureit Mineral RO+UV Water Purifier

Another pocket-friendly RO + UV water purifier from HUL brand is Pureit Mineral. It has 6 liters storage capacity and can purify 9-12 liter water per hour. It has advanced technology which adds minerals to improve the taste your water and an alert system that notifies you 15 days before your Germkill Kit expires.

Hul claims that Pureit Mineral can remove 1 crore virus in 1-liter water which makes this purifier a good choice for mid to small families. One Germkill kit of Pureit Mineral gives you 1 glass of water for just 5 paise only. So, it proves that it has a low maintenance.

#3 – Livpure Glo 7-Litre RO + UV + Mineralizer Water Purifier

With this fastest selling Livpure glow RO + UV water purifier, Luminous is giving a big competition in the market. It has a sleek design and 6 stage purification system that works with up to 1500 PPM TDS level.

The Livpure Mineralizer technology ensures the quality and taste of water. The technology improves the essential minerals, adds required minerals and balances pH of the filtered water. LivPure Glo RO + UV + Mineralizer has 7-liter storage capacity and can purify up to 75 liters water per day.

#4 – Nasaka Cosmos S1 (RO+UV+ORPH) Water Purifier

Introducing a revolutionary OrpH+ technology with RO + UV purification system, Nasaka Cosmos S1 gives you 100% pure water and improves the immunity of human body. It works with up to 2000 PPM TDS while maintaining the essential minerals in the filtered water.

The Nasaka Cosmos S1 water purifier can purify up to 15 liters water per hour with 7 stage purification technology.

7 stage purification technology

#5 – Blue Star Majesto RO + UV Water Purifier

Blue Star is always known for its quality and Majesto is one of the best water purifiers from Blue Star. It has double RO + UV protection which ensures that your drinking water is 100% pure and safe. It also uses an ATB which maintains optimum pH level in your filtered water.

Apart from these Blue Star Majesto has a sleek and stylish design with child lock feature which helps in water wastages. It has 8 liters storage capacity and can purify up to 30 liters water per hour.

The Conclusion

Finding the best water purifier is not an easy task but with the help of user and expert reviews and knowing your indeed requirement, understanding the type of water, you can find the best water purifier for your home. If you’re not sure about these metrics and budget is not a concern for you then you can go for a multi technology-based water purifier. If your pocket is not a concern then RO + UV + UF water purifier with TDS controller are the best for all type of water supply in India.


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