Gateway of Karnataka – Driving Around Mangalore

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Driving around Mangalore

Mangalore is a gateway to some of the most dramatic natural scenery on India’s west coast. Many come here for its educational centres and it is a busy trade hub. The town is a great cultural destination – a magnet for foodies and shutterbugs alike. Here are some of the many reasons why Mangalore needs to be explored by any visitor.

Mangalore – A Food Odyssey

Mangalore is a laidback town with a strong coastal vibe and travellers here can enjoy exploring the landscape and discovering delicious local cuisine. There are many iconic and famous eateries to visit in Mangalore. The rooftop dining experience at Pallkhi attracts the loyal patrons and intrepid travellers alike. One can dine over a wide range of cuisines while enjoying views of the city. Foodies who know Mangalore very well swear by the fish fry at Hotel Narayana and the hilltop Gajalee restaurant located in a heritage building offers fine sea food and local vegetarian dishes. One can also drive to the outskirts and enjoy an epicurean adventure at Madhuvans Village, well known for its ocean bounty.

Landmarks in Town

There are many religious landmarks in Mangalore city, showcasing different schools of architecture. The Rosario Cathedral is known for its big arches and the metal-framed dome inspired by St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican City. The Dharmasthala Temple features a Kerala style architecture, wooden elements that are distinct from the more common Dravidian styles found across South India.

Beaches near Mangalore

Self drive cab services in Mangalore are the best way to visit the many beaches that dot the terrain. A short drive from the New Mangalore Port, Parambur is a serene coastal spot which is great for large groups and families. There are many stalls and eating joints near the shore and every January, Parambur is host to a famous kite flying festival.

A nice drive completed with a gorgeous sunset – that is exactly what Someshwara Beach promises. The rocks on the coastline and an old temple are other highlights of this beach. Ullal is another beach right next to Someshwara and home to old fort ruins. These twin beaches are just 17 kms from the city. Another famous beach near the city is Surathkal Beach. Apart from soothing ocean scenery, a lighthouse here attracts many visitors. Located around 25 kms from Mangalore, Sasihithlu Beach is one of the more secluded ones.

The best Mangalore experience is possible by travelling on one’s own terms. There are many reasons why travelers should opt for a self drive taxi service in Mangalore like Zoomcar. It offers more freedom and travelers can enjoy complete privacy. Impromptu detours and stops are the best way to enjoy the city’s attractions. One can choose from a large range of vehicles and extra assurances include 24/7 on-road support.

The tranquil shorelines and the spicy delicacies, the rich heritage and a medley of languages – Karnataka’s coast is a treat to the senses. Traverse these landscapes in a trusty rental and have an unforgettable adventure.


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