Mandsaur Minor’s Rape: 8-year-old Girl Brutally Raped in Mandsaur

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Mandsaur Minor’s Rape

“India is the most unsafe country for women” a report reveals the true horrific situation and just two days later, another dreadful and brutal rape case was reported in Mandsaur district, Madhya Pradesh which echos the fact firmly. An eight-year-old girl was found raped and brutalized in a farm on Wednesday. The alleged rapist try to murder her by slitting her throat. The girl survived entire night and is now battling for a new life.

Mandsaur police concluded that the accused must have drank beer sitting next to the victim and then slit her throat. According to a report by the Times of India, the girl must be returning from her school when the incident happened as her school bag, tiffin and water bottle were found scattered at the crime location.

Police Supritendent Manoj Singh told TOI, “We have arrested the accused, irfan alias Bhaiyyu. He works as porter in the local market.” Police officials have found blood stained clothes and the girl’s school uniform from Irfan.

The officials further added, “The child had bruises all over her body, she was brutally raped. We rushed her to hospital as soon as we found her lying in blood.” The victim was rushed to a hospital where doctors are battling to give her a new life. Doctors treating the girl said there were several deep bite marks on her body, her nose was fractured and rectum was ruptured, indicating that an object had been inserted into her private parts. The brutality of the case reminds us Nirbhaya Gangrape which occurred in 2012 in the Capital of India.

The girl is Class 2 student who had gone missing on Tuesday night. From a CCTV footage, it was found that the girl was been followed by a youth around 5:41 pm. It is suspected that accused must have lured her by lying about a family member’s health. The incident came to light, when child’s grandfather reached school to pick her up, where he was informed that she had left 15 minutes earlier.

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