Breaking News: Worldwide Internet Services Likely to Remain Close for Next 48 hours

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Global Internet shutdown

We know how much folks dependent on the internet these days for so many different tasks be that for chatting, office related calls, etc. Therefore, this is important for you to know about the Global Internet shutdown.

The Reason for this Global Internet shut down –

1.The global connectivity of internet services is likely to shut down due to routine maintenance of the server. The main domain servers and the overall internet network framework may be down for the next 48 hours or lesser as reported by Russia Today.

2. The Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) will carry out maintenance work during the time or framework of 48 hours. The basic reason for scheduling this shutdown is to change the cryptographic keys that help the server to protect the global access of the internet or the specific Domain Name System (DNS).

3. As per the reports of CRA (Communications Regulatory Authority), for better, efficient, safe, and secure global internet connectivity, this is the necessary process to shutdown the worldwide internet connectivity and perform this maintenance task.

4. Some of the internet users might face troubles due to this. In case, your internet service provider is not prepared for this worldwide or rather a global shutdown then you might face some troubles.

5. Due to this routine maintenance, work people might face some connectivity issues but the maintenance is a much-required task to be done well on time for more effective and better connectivity.

6. In addition, due to increasing cases of cybercrime and being concerned about the cyber security The ICANN has reported to schedule this shutdown and maintenance work globally.

How can you save yourself from getting affected by this global Internet shutdown?

Do not worry people, there is an escape for everything. Therefore, you have a way out to avoid getting affected by all such issues. Just enable appropriate system security extensions and avoid getting troubled by this global internet shutdown.

Just go and get the desired changes done and save yourself from being affected by all this shutdown of internet and maintenance work.


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