ID Fresh food: The Success Story of PC Musthafa from Rags to Riches

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ID Fresh food Success Story

In this fast-growing world time is something people don’t have anymore. Nowadays most of the young people are staying outside of their home and don’t have enough interest to cook every day, the change in lifestyle and occupation resulted in the increase in need for ready to eat food several folds. ID fresh food is one of those brands providing all the ready to cook items to the households all across India.

About the founder, PC Musthafa

PC Musthafa, the founder of the company comes from a small village of Chennalode located in the Wayanad district of Kerala. His father was a daily wage worker, worked as a coolie in a nearby coffee plantation. Both of his father and mother was uneducated and to help support the family Musthafa also worked with them. In that time, food for 3 times a day was a mere dream for his family, as a result education was not the priority. Eventually due to lack of focus in the studies he got failed in class 6 and dropped out of school. One of his teachers brought him on the track of education by making him understand the importance of education if he wants to get a good job. He taught him for free and Musthafa topped in maths, got inspired from his own marks he again went on to top the school. He got admitted in NIT, Calicut even in that time his teacher helped him get the college fee.

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How the company started

After graduating from NIT Musthafa worked with many MNCs in Europe and Middle East and after several years he came back to India, with a dream to start his own business. The idea came when his cousins saw a local supplier selling idli and dosa batter in a plain pouch in the market and customers were not very happy about the quality of the product. They called Musthafa and gave him a idea of starting a business based on “quality batter” initially, it led to the birth of ID Fresh Food back in 2005.

Initially Musthafa invested a sum of RS 25000 and let his cousins run the operations of the company, they started from a kitchen of 50 sq.ft. as for tools they only had grinder, mixer and one weighing machine. From day one company were making profit but in 2007 when they wanted to expand the business Musthafa realized to grow into its full potential the company needs him. Then he joined ID as the CEO and invested 40 lakhs of his own money that he gathered by selling his lands inWayanad. Then they set up a factory of 2500 sq.ft. in Hoskote.

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The Journey of ID Fresh Food

In the beginning they sold only 10 packets of 1 kg batter a day, it took them over 9 months to push the sales over 100 packets a day. Along the way they made many mistakes and they learned from each and every single one of them.

After completing MBA in marketing Musthafa joined the company as the CEO and handled the marketing, finance. For straight 8 years company failed to get stability sometimes they couldn’t even afford to pay their employees wages. Things changed overnight, when they finally got an investor. All of those 25 employees who were not even getting regular salary are now crorepati.

Now the company produces over 80000 kg of batter in their plant and gets a revenue over 100 crores.

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Investments and Funding

After many years of struggle and hustle their first investment came in 2014 by Helion Ventures they secured a sum of $ 5.2 million in series A funding.

Later in 2017 Premji invested in the company a lump sum of $25 million.

Recently Id fresh food raised RS 507 crore from series D funding led by private equity firm NewQuest Capital Partner along with the previous investor Premji.

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Expansion Plans

With their recent investment the company is looking to expand their fresh food business in the major markets in tier-II and III cities. They are also willing to expand their presence across the major markets of USA, UAE and of course India.

As a part of their global expansion plan, they are looking forward to set up their presence in the markets of Singapore and Malaysia.

They are also willing to improve supply chain, innovation, USP not just in India but across the globe.


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