Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 Movie Review – A Gem in Comedy Horror Genre

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Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2

Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 running havoc earning over RS 25 crore on 3rd day of its release which pushes its total earning over RS 56- 57 crore. As estimated the movie is already on the way of a big hit on the box-office. The trend over the weekend suggests it will cross over RS 100 crore within 10 days and has a high chance of entering into the RS 150 crore club.

Priyadarshan’s Bhool Bhulaiyaa originally released in 2007 was no doubt the OG, so when a new cast was introduced in Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 fans were skeptical about it. However, performance of the entire cast is praise worthy, specially casting of Kartick Aryaan in place of Akshay Kumar raised may questions but he made every doubter a fitting reply with his acting.

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Bhool Bhulayiaa 2: The story:

Ruhan (Kartik Aaryan), Reet Thakur(Kiara Advani) heads off to a music festival and did not board a bus they were supposed to be on to head back to her wedding. However, that bus fell into to a cliff killing all the passengers. When Reet called her family to let them know their whereabout all of the family member thought she died and overhears something about the love affair of her cousin and her fiancé. Then she came up with a plan: she’ll hide in their ancestral palace while Ruhan will act as a psychic and will convince all the family members to marry her cousin and her fiancé, while Reet’s spirit wants to live in the palace with rest of the members.

Now, here’s the twist this palace also has some hidden secrets, it’s where the spirit Manjulika was trapped. Manjulika and Anjulika (Both played by Tabu) were twin sisters, who came in Rajasthan with their father who worked in their as an accountant. Manjullika fell for Uday Thakur, however Uday chose Anjulika over her. This angered Manjulika and she decides to kill her twin sister. While defending herself Anjulika stabs her sister, killing her. Since then the spirit of Manjulika killed over 8 members of thakur family and pushed Uday over a balcony keeping him paralysed. Then some priests trapped her spirit in that palace.

In fear of getting caught in their act, when chhote pandit claimed he saw them together and demanded a thorough search of the palace, Ruhan and Reet knowing no one will ever search the locked room they hide their freeing the spirit of Manjulika.

Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 Movie Review:

Anees Bajmee’s “Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2” is not a sequel of the 2007 version, its rather a remake trying to indulge the OG fans into a similar experience. While the original film had more grip on the emotional side and fusion of comedy, BB2 mostly dances on humour, silliness, and safe horror with some whacky one liners and typical horror signs.

The acting of Kartik Aaryan wowed many no one expected him to do this good. Although his character is absolutely different from the one played by the legend Akshay Kumar but you could easily find out the inspirations drawn from the previous film and that is what makes Kartik Aaryan a.k.a. Rooh baba a stand out. Its really mind blowing to even think how much pressure he must have had from the fans and yet he shone the brightest.

Tabu, as graceful as ever makes a huge impact on the story itself it’ll be so unfair to not give her enough credit. It’ll be so unfair to even think of comparing the role of Vidya Balan to that of Tabu. Among all the main characters Reet played by Kiara Advani Seemed the weakest not because of the acting but mostly because her character didn’t have the weightage it needed to impact the storyline.

The character of Sanjay Mishra and Chhote Pandit played by the comic legend Rajpal Yadav deserves no extra mention the dialogues coupled with their performance made it funnier.

Review: The final words

It’s been a while since Bollywood made some quality comedy films, most of the films either tries too hard to induce a gag or doesn’t have enough of it. However, if you love comedy-horror genre of movies you’ll not be disappointed of BB2.

It has comedy, silliness, low drama, somewhat spookiness and outstanding acting by the entire cast and should not be missed out.

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