KGF Chapter 2 Movie Review: A High-Octane Entertainment

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KGF Chapter 2 Review

KGF created by kannada film industry is a jewel of entertainment released in 2018. The whole plot revolves around Rocky an ambitious gangster’s journey from towards power and riches. The movies made no nonsense time wasting and hooked audiences from the very start by its intimidating dialogues, actions, direction and of course by the character presentation of the lead role Rocky. Even with typical commercial type of story telling the excitement and entertainment was never in question.

With the announcement of its sequel, KGF: Chapter 2 audience expected a high-octane entertainer just like KGF, and in no point in the movie audience got disappointed and rather loving it to bits. It’s a no nonsense claim that the movie is a super success as it getting reflected in the box office collection.

Released Date: 14 April, 2022

The Plot:

After killing Garuda in KGF, Rocky became the ruler of Kolar Gold Fields. With his growing ambition he now wants to rule over the world and on the road will face big foes in the name of Ramika Sen and Adheera. Even with the ending there was a hint of 3rd part of the franchise so that’s even more exciting.

KGF Chapter 2 Review:

“KGF: chapter 1” had already set a gangster signature to the franchise from every aspect of the film. The first part went on to build the character of Rocky and also cleared his ambitions and intentions. But for the second part the promotional works were so good and detailed it definitely gave a sneak peek of the film in advance. But the question is does the film stood out as the audience expected from it? Of course, it has delivered the same excitement and entertainment if not more than the previous film.

With the progress of the story Rocky is in the process of dreaming of bigger ambitions taking more dangerous paths. In the meantime he has to meet and fight Ramika Sen, the righteous prime minister who wants to bring Rocky down as he’s considered a threat to law and order and also Adheera the uncle of Garuda who wants to take KGF back.

After narrating the events of KGF Chapter 1, Anand Ingalagi died of heart attack and his son, Virendra decides to continue with the narration. “KGF: Chapter 2” shows an emotional side of Rocky too with his lover Meena and also showed all those traumatic pasts of his childhood but nothing took away the main plots of the film. One of the most exciting parts of the film definitely was the introduction of Adheera played by Sanjay Dutt, anyone watched the film in the theatres would definitely say how many whistles that scene would get each and every time. Casting of the film is undoubtedly significant, inclusion of good actors like Raveena Tandon and Prakash Rao as the prime minister and CBI officer respectively was example of great casting.

All the parts of the film from direction, production, costume, dialogues, editing, screenplay was mention worthy and certainly hooked audience to their seats with utmost enthusiasm of the events happening in the film. Although of its huge success this film might not be ideal for those looking for calm-peaceful, offbeat, non-commercial or emotional movies but anyone who has entertainment and action as their utmost priority for movie genre would love every bit of the film.

I think you love the movie KGF Chapter 2 review.

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