Immediate Response from Railway Ministry After Passenger Seeking Help For His Sick Father

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Pankaj Jain, a self employed guy, was traveling on the Yesvantpur-Bikaner train along with his sick father for treatment. He has to deboard at Merta Road where the scheduled time for the train to reaches at 3:15 am and stop their for only five minutes which was not enough Pankaj to deboard the train with his sick father.

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Hew was quite worried on how to tackle the situation alone. So he contacted with his friend who is a doctor by profession in Bengaluru.

Pankaj told to HindustanTimes when interviewed

I called my friend, who is a doctor in Bengaluru, who suggested that I ask for help via twitter. I tweeted to the rail ministry on November 28 at around 6-7pm, asking for the train to be stopped for 10 minutes, for a wheelchair and for assistance in getting my father down at Merta Road,

Pankaj has taken his friend’s advice seriously and tweeted to the official twitter account of the Ministry of Railway and asking for help with a wheelchair for his sick father. After a while, a response come from the Railway asking the PNR status or compartment number of their boarding train.

Pankaj’s Tweet and the immediate response from Ministry of Railway:

He was surprised when he reached the station to see the station master, coolies were awaiting for them with a wheelchair and other necessary things. Pankaj expressed his gratitude and thanks to Indian Railway & Minister Suresh Prabhu through his Tweets:  

Last week, Railway Ministry was in the news when a woman passenger being harassed on a train in Maharashtra got an instant response and help from the railway authority.

It seems Indian Railways under Suresh Prabhu is making a habit to grab the headlines often for all good reasons: Often for new and improved Make in India Coaches or helping out common passenger with immediate effect.


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