Indian Woman Asked to Strip in the Name of ‘random security check’ in Frankfurt Airport

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frankfurt airport
Security guard checking female passenger in airport security

An Indian woman was allegedly forced to remove her clothes as part of ‘random security checks’ in Frankfurt Airport while she was on her way to Iceland via Germany with her family.

The 30-year old, an Indian passport holder Icelandic residence permit, was travelling with her Icelandic husband and a four year old daughter when the incident happened.

As claimed by the woman in a popular social networking site, she was travelling to Iceland from India, via Frankfurt when she was asked to move aside for the ‘random check’ and with no other explanations offered.

“I was taken into a room, and was asked to lift my dress/ take it off so that I could be checked to make sure I wasn’t ‘carrying anything under my clothes’. This whole ordeal happened in front of my 4 year old,” the woman said in the post.

She put her protest in Facebook:


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5 shares, 96 points
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