Justice Served? All 4 Accused in Hyderabad Vet Rape and Murder Case Killed in Police Encounter

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Hyderabad Police Encounter
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As Requested by Cyberabad Police Commissioner (CP) Sajjanar, we have renamed the rape and murder victim as DISHA.

In a spine-chilling incident of rape and murder of the 26-year-old Disha who was veterinarian, the police today have confirmed that all four accused have been killed in crossfire on Friday. The police further said that the incident took place during the wee hours of Friday at 4:00 AM when the accused were being taken to the site for the reconstruction of the scene.

On November 27th, Disha was brutally raped, smothered and then burnt by four men whom the police have now encountered. The accused had purposely flattened her tyre and hatched a plan to rape her. The doctor has parked her vehicle near the toll plaza at evening and when she returned at night to take her scooter, she found that one of the tyres were punctured. One of the accused took the scooter for repair and came back later saying that all the repair shops were closed. It was then that the accused committed this heinous crime. . It was also reported that Disha died due to suffocation as the four accused closed her mouth and nose while committing the crime.

The police further stated that on December 6th, the four accused Jollu Nveen, Mohammed Areef, Jollu Naveen Kumar and Chintakunta Chenna Keshavalu were being taken to the crime spot to recreate the same scene when they tried to flee. They then snatched weapons from the police and fired on police and tried to escape. The police had no other option except to open fire in retaliation which resulted in the death of all four accused.

This incident took place on NH-44 near Hyderabad, the exact same location where the partially burnt body of Disha was found.

Disha’s unfortunate rape and murder incident has triggered nation wide protests demanding for justice. Social media sites were flooded with hashtags and protests to hang the rapists as this is not the first incident that came under light.

When the media contacted the victim’s family regarding the encounter of the four accused the victim’s sister recounted the last time her sister had called and told that her vehicle was punctured and that she was waiting for it as one of the accused took it to a repair shop. She also told her sister she was scared standing there alone and insisted her sister to speak with her for some time till she gets back her scooter. At around 9:44 PM, when her sister tried to contact Disha, her mobile was switched off. Her sister drove off to the toll plaza to pick her up but she was nowhere to be found. Disha’s family lodged a complaint with the police but they were unable to find her body till the next day around 7:00 AM.

The victim’s sister in a statement said that her family is very happy as her sister has got instant justice. She also added that they did not expect the justice to be served too soon as the thought the accused will be hanged as per the court procedures. Disha’s sister profusely thanked the police for their timely action. She also thanked the media and the public who stood with her family during the time of distress.

Many celebrities have taken to their twitter and other social media platforms to express their happiness over the instant justice and thanked the Telengana State Police for their prompt and timely action. Telengana State Transport Minister P Ajay Kumar hailed the Telengana police and said that Telengana stood number one in the country for service instant justice to the victim’s family. Many sportswomen, activists, feminists and other well known faces of the industry have also expressed their happiness over the encounter.

In a hear warming gesture, the neighbours of the victim’s family welcomed the police encountered. They were also seen tying rachis to the police and distributing sweets and bursting crackers. They said that this will encourage and build confidence in women to come forward and lead their life without any fear.

Citizens from every part of the nation have welcomed this encounter and praised the police for their timely reaction. However some legal authorites feel that this should have been thorugh a proper legal channel.

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