How Kolkata’s Flexible Working is a Profitable Business Idea?

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Flexible Working

East India Company’s first trade capital, Kolkata today boasts of being the major commercial, educational and cultural center of Eastern India. Kolkata’s rich traditions entailing art, films, literature, theater and science, has brought home many awards including the prestigious Nobel Prizes.

Kolkata harnesses on its rich literature, progressive culture, and delicious food amidst its bustling streets that are laced with the (in) famous lazy vibe and trams. It has been home to some of the finest and independent play writers and authors we have. So Kolkata understood flexible working long before the corporate firms introduced it. Though working from home and coffee shops is normal here, the noise and distraction calls for a quieter, “office like” workspace.

OfficingNow, the leader in providing flexible and serviced work spaces, offers exactly the kind of “office like” workspace that’s needed. Working in line with the aggregator model of doing business, we collaborate, or “aggregate”, with furnished offices that are not utilized to their full potential. These office spaces form a part of our listings which is open to the professionals to choose from.

Such workspaces are needed in Kolkata because though its freelancers, startups and entrepreneurs may prefer to work from home, there is a lingering need to have a professionally motivating workspace with all the facilities suitable for working, conducting business meeting, and organizing literary events. Also, as discussed in our earlier blog Working from Home – Is it Good or Bad, working from a professional setup enhances productivity and profitability.

Considering this brimming pool of talent alongside the banks of the river Hooghly, there is a valid need for serviced offices that are professionally managed, available as and when needed, and at affordable prices. This not only benefits the professionals by facilitating them with well-managed, logistically-equipped and modern space to work from, but also proves profitable to the office space owners who can fully utilize their office by sharing it. How – By creating platforms for talents to meet-network-interact; thereby inducing a positive ambiance.

Few years back, IT businessmen in US and Hong Kong started renting out parts of their office that was rarely used. Gradually, it was frequented by freelancers who came looking for budgeted but professional serviced offices. The idea soon caught up with many office space owners as a quick-n-easy way to earn and is today quite popular.

So come, join hands with us at OfficingNow to share your unused office space in order to properly utilize it such that it becomes a source of profit without affecting your primary business. Being the owner, you will have complete authority to decide how much of that space do you want to share and for how long. It is advisable that you offer the flexibility to your clients to book the workspace by the hour, day or month. This increases the turnaround.

We receive a large number of requests from professionals – corporate clients, startups, entrepreneurs – for flexible and smart professional workspaces like team offices, training halls, conference rooms, video conference rooms, call-center spaces, executive offices, business lounges, and hot desks.


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