New to Pune City? Here’s how You can find Affordable PGs

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Pune City PG

When you are relocating to a new city in the search for better educational prospects, openings for work, and better living environments, the main thing you need to do is discover an abode to stay. And there are a whole host of choices when you search for a PG accommodation in Pune.

There are quite a few branded accommodations here which provide a completely outfitted room with essential necessities like food, WI-FI, laundry, housekeeping TV, Attached Washrooms, and so on. In Pune, Paying Guest Businesses have been growing on the back of demand from numerous corporate workers and students who have moved to the city.

The Main Advantage of Staying in a PG in Pune over an independent rented house is, that the former has more affordable house rents! If you have to lease a house, you at times need to pay two or three months of the lease as a security store and furthermore bear the power/water charges. What’s more, you need to prepare food for yourself! For working people and students, it might be difficult to meet these costs. With branded PGs, the security deposit often comes out to be just about a month’s rent. All the water, power, and different bills will be dealt with by the proprietor of the PG. So residing in PG is a superior alternative to flat/ apartment.

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Also, if you don’t know how to go about finding an affordable PG in Pune, have a look at the points mentioned below.


With the ever-expanding demand for PG accommodation from migrant workers and students moving to the city, accessibility, quality, and rental rates have become a basic issue. So, it’s important to take into consideration your budget and find your best fit within that. At the same time, you need to take a call between what you can adjust to and what is an absolute necessity so you are not short-changed when it comes to fulfilling your daily living needs. A place that might seem cheaper upfront, can have hidden monthly costs that you need to be aware of.

Well Established

Vicinity to places like clinics, essential stores, transport stands, markets, amusement zones, restaurants, and so on ought to be remembered. When you’ll have them nearby, it will help you cut down on your transportation expenses.

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When you are trying to fit in the budget, try to opt for the fulfillment of basic amenities like food, power/water charges, security, etc. Luxuries tend to build up the costs and will, in turn, make your stay costlier. A good idea would be to opt for fully furnished Stanza Living residences, where they assure an all-inclusive rent that is often comparable, if not more affordable than market rates.

Select your Area Wisely

The area you select to move in has a large impact on your budget. The areas which are centrally located in the city, or which have posh localities are costlier than the other ones. So, before finalizing a deal with someone, Make sure you hop around a bit to search for more pocket-friendly options and you might find one that fits your needs well.

So, these are a few points that are to be remembered in order to find an affordable PG in Pune. you can keep a tab on your budget by choosing managed accommodation providers like Stanza Living, they have got some amazing properties in Pune, which are well furnished and equipped with all the basic amenities. They ensure to provide you with your best fit so that you can call your PG your second home.


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