Chef Vikas Khanna Gives Fitting Reply to BBC Anchor’s Racist Remark

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chef vikas khanna

Chef Vikas Khanna is a a well known name in the culinary industry and has impressed many famous personalities across the globe, including the former US president Obama, with his fantastic cooking skills. He has done few shows with world famous chef Gordon Ramsay as well. Chef Vikas has written over 25 books on culinary.

Vikas khanna, Amritsar born Michelin star Chef, has also help the needy during the hard days of lockdown. He put all efforts to feed the migrant workers who was the worst affected in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic.

During a candid conversation with BBC in the context of his great work in India, the anchor opined that the chef’s kindness come from ‘his own sense of hunger’ during his early days in India.

The Chef reacted quickly to this and told the anchor that his ‘sense of hunger’ not come form India, but from New York during his straggling days in the latter.

The Anchor said, “You have been famous now. You have cooked for Obamas, you have been on Gordon Ramsay’s show. But, you were not always like this. You are not from a rich family so I dare say you understand how precarious it can be in India.”

To which the chef quickly reacted, “My sense of hunger did not come from India so much because I was raised in Amritsar and we have a huge community kitchen where everyone gets fed. The entire city can be fed from the community kitchen.”

He further explains, “My sense of hunger came from New York when I was struggling and really was at the bottom. It was difficult for a brown kid to rise through, someone who had a dream of winning the Michelin star.”

This interview created a buzz among netizens and they appreciate the way Vikas Khanna responded to the racist remark by the anchor.

Some of the tweets:

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