SSR Suicide: 8 Bollywood Celebrities Mysterious Death that Shocked the Whole Nation

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Mysterious death in Bollywood

The life of celebrities are always held in limelight and some continue to do even after their death. It’s not only the sky high bungalows, fancy cars and high end parties, but most of them also fall under the grey cloud of mysterious deaths quite often. Over time big screen has seen numerous such calamities which took the entire nation by storm. Here are eight Such celebrities who died a mysterious death.

Mysterious death in Bollywood


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This 25 year old British American actress was one of the most talented emerging actresses of that time. Less than two hours before she spoke to her mom, she spots her daughter hanging from the ceiling. The forensic team was still on the outlook, local police sent confirmation telling it was a suicide. Initially there was no suicide scripts found. A week later, her sister Kavita finds a six page letter which directly alleges her then boyfriend, Suraj Pancholi. Sources conclude that Jiah was under depression due to the seal occurred in their relationship which might be one of the causes.

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The night of Sridevi’s death will always remain a mystery which took B town and her fans by storm. Boney Kapoor heads to Dubai to surprise his wife. Fifteen minutes after she said she will be back after a shower, Boney Kapoor finds Sridevi lying dead in a pool of water, immersed from head to toe. Her dead reports read “accidental drowning” but the truth is unknown.

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Guru duty is one of the popular names of the 50’s. The night of his death, this actor is presumed to have consumed sleeping pills mixed in alcohol. Reasons are unknown if this was a suicide or an accidental attempt of overdose but Guru Dutt is said to have attempted to suicide thrice.

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Praveen Babi will always be remembered for her commercially successful films and also as the most glamorous actress of her time. After the society secretary reported that she hadn’t collected mild from three days, police further investigated to find no traces of her death. Doctors reveal that she had been treating for diabetes and had gangrene on her left foot which probably lead to death. Post-mortem reports suggest there was no food from 72 hours and only found traces of a little alcohol. Her death is still a mystery.


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This 30 year old actress and an Indian model hung herself in her residence at Juhu. She further wrote a letter stating she was going to take her own life as she was not able to gear up with her pressures in life. Her last movie unfortunately was by chance.

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This late model was found dead in her apartment in Mumbai, when the neighbours encountered a foul smell. A suicide note was later found at her residence allergy reporting her then boyfriend Omar Pathan. This is presumed to have been a case of suicide.


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Divya Bharati is remembered for her acting versatility and charm. This actress is reported to have called from her fifth floor balcony at Mumbai. After her neighbours realised what happened, she was rushed to Cooper hospital where she succumbed to injuries. There are several theories as to why this actress died but the police closed the case stating this was an accidental death.

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This legendary actress is said to have died due to child birth contractions. Where the case took took a turn was when Mrinal Sen rephrased telling the death was caused due to medical negligence. This is however still a mystery.


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