10 Most Controversial Bollywood Movies You Surely Want to Watch

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Controversial Bollywood movies

Bollywood is a hub for timely controversy. There are controversies surrounding everything. Be it a movie, actors, directors or the whole lot. Inspite of making it to this list, these movies are worth the watch. Thriving through these rungs of sophistication, here are 10 Bollywood movies which where the top on critics for the movie buffs.

Most Controversial Bollywood Movies


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We all remember PK setting the box office on fires of controversy due to its sensitive religious debates the movie possessed. Majority of the audience accepted the movie, where as there were a community of people who were hurt by the religious community the movie likely owned. The movie basically centre’s on blind religious beliefs in the Indian podcast.

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Madras café is a 2013 movie, an action thriller, which revolves around a an agent who visits Sri Lanka who finds himself paused in the middle of a civil war and conspiracy’s to kill the former prime minister of India. Many Tamil fanatics banned the movie and refused to accept it.


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This movie followed the news for hitting religious sentiments of the Hindus due to its candid portrayal. The actor was pulled into an FIR for doing so. The movie was banned in several countries including UAE. But sure does this movie carry some amount of logic.

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This movie was a picture based on Silk Smitha’s life. The movie ran into a lot of controversy for major reasons considering the poster, apart from the fact that Silk Smitha’s brother had an objection with the movie release and sent notices to the movie makers. Inspite of all this, the movie was greatly accepted by the audience.


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Indian audience have a touchy sentiment towards movies. People were hurt with respect to the title of the movie as it was based on the Hindu religious group. Controversies also pulled The director and the actors into an FIR.

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This movie was formerly banned in Gujarat. However it received many international awards. The movie is based on violent 2002 riots in Gujarat after which these people where deeply affected and how it changed their lives forever.


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Dating back to the mid 70’s this movie is supposed to be biased on former prime minister Indira Gandhi. The movie revived backslashes from around the country. At the time of Indira Gandhi, the movie underwent a ban from the then government. Later when BJP regained power, the ban was lifted and the movie was broadcasted in the Doordarshan channel.


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This movie is based on Phoolan Devi who formerly belonged to the lower caste, faces sexual backstab and discrimination from the society. Nude scenes, abusive language, and the rape scenes showed in the movie lead the movie into grave controversies.


BLACK FRIDAY Controversial Bollywood Movies
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This movie is based on the 1993 bombing in Mumbai. The movie was banned for two years for the reasons that it would influence the decision taken and also due to avid political reasons.


HATE STORY Controversial Bollywood Movies
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The censor board refused to release the movie due to into obscene promotions and posters initially. It also added that this movie was not suitable to be played on national television. The movie and the posters later lead itself into criticism due to its portrayed nudity and soft pron.

No matter what these movies ran into controversies for, Bollywood is still a place for untold juggles. Many such movies are still under the bandwagon and haven’t been released. However we would still appreciate if you watch these most controversial Bollywood movies and judge it for yourself!

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