7 Best Bollywood Lesbian Movies that Celebrate Pure Love

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Bollywood Lesbian Movies

Every since the emergence of Bollywood, there have been some movies with regard to the LGBTQ+ community in the past. However, it took time and tide for the audience to accept the concept of the movies produced on the regard. Nevertheless there have been very few accurate portrayals in the industry. Just in case you we’re asked to name some of these movies, chances are that you might not know them or you would take some time to figure out. Apart for the main stream movies we’ve witnessed till now, here are six movies which uplift lobe between the lesbian community.

Best Bollywood Lesbian Movies

Dear Maya

Lesbian movie Dear Maya
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Directed by Sunaina Bhatnagar, this film explores the bond between two teenage girls who create a fictional lover for their reclusive neighbor, Maya.


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Directed by Shonali Bose, the movie revolves around an Indian teenager who’s diagnosed with cerebral palsy, moves to the United States to complete her graduation, falls in love with a blind Pakistani woman. The movie underwent a lot of critics and did not hit the box office doors. Later on, this film gained some recognition. But honestly, we think this movie was well on board with the direction.


Fire bollywood lesbian movies
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A Deepa Mehta movie revolving around trilogy, after which came EARTH and WATER. This movie surprisingly happens to be released in the 1996. Remember India at this time was still under closed bandwagon of the LGBTQ+ community. This movie undoubtedly was the first ever lesbian movie featuring Bollywood and is one of its kind. Several organisations including the shiv Sena were against the movie, but we review, it was a bold attempt.


GIRLFRIEND bollywood lesbian movies
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Released in the year 2004, this movie also pulled itself into big controversies at that time. The plot revolves around two girls who are initially best friends. One of which falls for a boy. The latter breaches insecurity and the story goes on. Back in the time when Bollywood was still new to produce bolder content, this movie was in the stack.


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A Faraz Arif Ansari film is an upcoming Bollywood sequel staring Divya Dutta and Swara Bhaskar. The movie is predicted to have two women for fall in love with each other. It is further hailed to be released into the theatres after portrayals in the film festival, London. We sure can’t wait to watch the movie!


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Released back in the 2004, when the taboo of being in a lesbian relationship was still around the Indian society, Abhishek Chaubey still somehow managed to get bolder movies into lime light. A sequel of Ishqiya, surprisingly, this movie made it big in the box office grossing and received bigger audiences to appreciate the striven theme. Both the actresses in the movie nailed it hard for the audience to accept the screens.


Unfreedom Bollywood Lesbian Movies

Thus movie unfortunately did not hit the box office screens in India. It was released in the North America. The censor board some how did not appeal to release the movie anytime later, which should have been done. The movie title speaks more about the film. Two women fall in love which results to struggles, torture and disruption hence titled unfreedom.

After the amendment of section 377, we believe the country is now trying to open up from the taboo which prevailed in the Indian society from a long time. We would certainly appreciate Bollywood to bring on some more lesbian bollywood movies. Until then, stay connected.

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