Personal Loans: Your Fruitful Solution to Unexpected Wedding Expenses

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Personal Loans
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We Indians love weddings. For us, celebrating the bond of matrimony is not only an auspicious and significant occasion but also a grand affair. Therefore, it is hard to imagine an Indian wedding without an exotic venue, designer wedding attires, eye-catching fireworks, lavish varieties of foods and candid photo shoots.

Planning such an elaborate scheme of things require the involvement of family and friends, extensive preparations and of course, loads of money. That said, despite our best efforts to list out possible expenses and making a wedding budget, every Indian wedding has a few unexpected overheads.

Such unexpected wedding costs can put you in a fix, and you would need an urgent financial backup to tackle them. To fight off such financial emergencies, an instant personal loan is the best way out. Personal loans from reputable institutions such as ABFL Direct come with a feature of instant Personal Loan disbursal, which makes them an ideal choice to overcome immediate monetary needs.

Some Unexpected Wedding Costs

Sending Invitations

The adage of “more the merrier” is apt for Indian weddings. After all, weddings are the time when invites are sent to even the farthest of relatives. That said, the cost of sending these invitations through the post, courier or even deliver by-hand can easily become an unexpected overhead because usually, we don’t keep a budget for them.

The Last-Minute Arrivals

Ideally, families prepare a guest list well in advance and make the arrangements accordingly. In real life, however, there are always a few guests who arrive at the very last moment. As a result, the budget for the accommodations can very well shoot up at short notice.

GST and Service Tax

These taxes are like hidden costs that can easily blow up and disrupt your wedding finances in totality. Almost all marriage expenses are listed under the category of luxury items and attract the highest GST slab of 28%. Therefore, taxes plan a significant role in making marriages expensive in India.

Transporting the Guests

In India, guests are treated extraordinarily, especially, when they are invited to weddings. While picking and dropping guests, to and from the railway station or the airport is quite common, there could be situations when families of the bride and groom may have to bear the entire travelling expenses of their guests.

Such expenses, in turn, are usually seldom planned and can cause an unexpected cash crunch. If it occurs, you will surely need financial help.

Penalties on Overtime

Usually, when you book a caterer or a marriage venue, the booking is made for a certain period. However, if the rituals and festivities are not wound up within that fixed time, you would have to pay penalties for the overtime. Such penalties are common in Indian marriages.

An Instant Personal Loan to the Rescue

Easy Approval

Given the fact personal loans are unsecured loans, meaning, they do not require any collateral; therefore, the approval for these loans is quick and hassle-free.

Fast Loan Disbursal

Instant personal loans from reputable institutions are disbursed quickly, straight to your bank account. Therefore, you can apply for a personal loan online, and within no time you will have the money in your wallet.

Never Compromise Your Happiness!

Indian weddings are never without hullaballoo, grand gestures, lavish preparations and of course, unexpected situations. You would remember those food counters easily rendered empty or those faulty lighting arrangements now, right?

In a bid to make sure that everything goes according to the plan, things can get disrupted pretty quickly, and you would have to deal with additional expenses to get stuff back on track. In such situations, a personal loan can become your saviour. You can apply for an instant personal loan before the wedding and keep the amount as an emergency fund.

Doing so will allow you to tackle any unexpected costs and expenditures without putting a hole in your savings. Remember, weddings should only be about new relations and untarnished memories. Don’t let money or any other thing diminish your happiness!


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