Rahul Gandhi Officially Steps Down from the Post of Congress Chief

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Rahul Gandhi Resigns
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Rahul Gandhi has formally stepped down as the Congress president on July 3, Wednesday. He posted his 4-page long resignation letter on Twitter to announce his resignation and has requested the Congress Working Committee to find his successor as soon as possible. While this news was met with emotional reactions from politicians of different parties, the ruling party BJP continued to attack Gandhi.

Gandhi stated “accountability” as the prime reason behind his resignation from the post and said that it was critical for the growth of the party. Gandhi in his letter succinctly pointed out that the party will take many hard decisions to rebuild the party again and radically transform it to counter BJP in the coming days.

Rahul further stated that it was an “honour” for him to serve the Congress and insisted that in order to defeat the BJP and RSS one needs to sacrifice the desire to cling to power.

He wrote, “My fight was never simple battle for political power. I personally fought PM, RSS as I love Indian and the idea it was built upon, At times I stood completely alone in fight against PM and RSS and am extremely proud of it.”

What will Now Happen to the Congress?

Since the general elections concluded and the BJP defeated the Congress with a huge margin, the erstwhile president of the latter party Rahul Gandhi had expressed his intent on resigning from the post. However, since Gandhi made his intention to step down known to the public, the Congress has been indulging in practices that did not make sense.

The party after its massive defeat in the election went on a month-long silent trip and did not share any future visions or messages with the media whatsoever. However, many of the senior members of the party did not care to join the bandwagon and went on their own way. It is still a mystery as to what the Congress was trying to achieve by staying mum.

Instead of contemplating future plans on how to topple the BJP and the RSS, some sections of the Congress resorted to age-old tactic to insist Rahul Gandhi to not resign from his post. This unrelenting support that many have for Gandhi might prove to be a big hurdle for his successor in the coming days.

There was a time when many contenders were present on the field to take up the leadership position of the Congress. However, today, it’s quite a different story as there is none to wear this thorny crown. The lack of a capable leader shows the kind of politicians the party is harbouring and the dire prospects of the party. The Congress is running out of time and if it does not reign in the chaos in the party now, it will be a distant dream to defeat BJP in the future.

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