87-Year Old Charulata Patel Steals Heart at the India Vs Bangladesh Match

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charulata patel
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Age is just a number when it comes to one’s passion and love for something and 87-year old Charulata Patel is living proof of that. As India battled neighbouring country Bangladesh for a seat at the semi-final of the cricket World Cup, the octogenarian cheered the boys in blue from the stands. The 87-year old’s cheerful stance attracted cameras and she unintentionally stole the limelight at the match

Age did not come in her way as she supported team India enthusiastically from the stands of Edgbaston Cricket Ground. Later, after winning the match with 28 runs, team India skipper Virat Kohli and Player-of-the-Match Rohit Sharma came down to the stands to thank her personally and seek her blessings for the upcoming matches.

Virat Tweet:

Kohli also tweeted about his meeting with Charulata Patel and wrote, “Also would like to thank all our fans for all the love & support & especially Charulata Patel ji. She’s 87 and probably one of the most passionate & dedicated fans I’ve ever seen. Age is just a number, passion takes you leaps & bounds. With her blessings, on to the next one.”

Patel had the Indian national flag on one hand and a bright yellow vuvuzela in the other. To complete the ensemble, she also wore a tricolour scarf and cheered India’s win over Bangladesh. She was later quoted saying that it was a long dream to meet the Indian cricket team and had prayed to God to fulfil this wish of hers.

Anand Mahindra Comes Forward” Reimburse” Patel’s Ticket Cost

Patel not only managed to mesmerize the Indian captain but also bowled over Anand Mahindra, the chairman of Mahindra Group, with her enthusiasm. Mahindra is known for not watching the cricket matches even after being an ardent fan of team India as he believes that he will jinx the team resulting in their defeat. However, he broke this cardinal rule just to watch Charulata Patel’s cheering.

Following this tweet, someone asked him to sponsor Patel’s tickets to which he replied, “Find out who she is & I promise I will reimburse her ticket costs for the rest of the India matches!”

Now that Patel’s identity is out in the open, let’s see if she is present in the upcoming matches to support her home team.

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