Russia-Ukraine Conflict: India’s Position and Student Evacuation Crisis

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Russia-Ukraine conflict

On 24 February after the announcement of Russian President Vladimir Putin of a ‘special military operation’ on Ukraine to “demilitarize” the country the Russian forces started a full-fledged war on the small democracy of Ukraine causing one of the biggest security crises in the continent in many years. The Interior Ministry of Ukraine informed that the capital, Kyiv is being targeted by the Russians and asked its citizens to take shelter. From the border guards of Ukraine, it’s been known that they were being bombed from five regions which include Crimea in the south and Belarus in the north and that Russian forces have already entered the country. Its clear that Moscow is seeking to dismantle Ukraine’s democratically elected government from power but their actual plan regarding the country is unknown.

Now owing to the balanced position of Delhi, after they restrained from the UN Security Council vote that condemned Moscow’s aggressiveness towards Ukraine, Delhi has been praised by Russia. India, China, and the UAE abstained from voting on the resolution Friday. Delhi is looking forward to maintaining the fine balance and is also willing to strike a partnership between all the parties.

The Russian embassy in India praised India’s stand.

It said on Twitter, “Highly appreciate India’s independent and balanced position at the voting in the UNSC,”

“In the spirit of the special and privileged strategic partnership, Russia is committed to maintaining close dialogue with India on the situation around Ukraine.

India and Russia have a strong relationship that dates back to the cold war era, even in 2021 when tension arose between India and China, the particular reason for the circumstance was a brawl between the Indian and Chinese troops in the Ladakh reason owning to several casualties, Russia actively backed India with the promise of arms support and also Russia is biggest firearm supplier of India. This actively demonstrates that there’s a strong relationship between Moscow and Delhi.

The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi has contacted both the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, and Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, and expressed his concern over the crisis.

The evacuation of thousands of students stranded in different war-hit cities of Ukraine like Kyiv is underway, so far about 450 students have been evacuated but it has become more of a challenge since India abstained from voting at UNSC, consequently, the Ukrainian immigrant officials are not willing to cooperate with the hustle of evacuation and has taken Indian student in a hostage like situation near the Poland border according to reports. All those students who lost their travel documents or passport during all the chaos are getting no cooperation from the Ukrainian immigration officials.

The Indian embassy has asked all the Indians and students to leave for borders once they get coordinated by the embassy not before that as it makes it difficult for them to help cross the borders if they are not informed or contacted before. The advisory by the Indian Embassy mentions

All Indian Citizens in Ukraine are advised to not move to any of the border posts without prior coordination with Government of India officials at the border posts (helpline numbers established) and the Emergency numbers of Embassy of India, Kyiv.


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