Sabarimala Case Verdict- Temple Premises Open for People of all Ages and Gender

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Sabarimala Case Verdict

In this 21st century women are doing wonders in numerous fields, be it healthcare, technology, management etc. In India, the present and past government have come up with numerous schemes and projects to uplift the rights of women’s. The law for women is becoming stronger day by day to support women empowerment. When it comes to women safety, security and equal rights, the Indian judiciary have become stricter. One such example was presented by the Supreme court of India in the Sabarimala case verdict. Under the statement given by honorable chief justice Dipak Misra, he proposed that “Womens holds the equal rights to worship in the Sabarimala temple”. He also stated that ban should be removed from all the religious places as we are living in the modern society now. Earlier this temple had proposed a ban on women for entering the temple premises and worship God. But after the orders given by supreme court this ban is completely removed now.

The court stated that they will not tolerate any sort of violence against women now. These orders were given on 1st August. It is also to be noted that women’s are praising the efforts by the judiciary system of India and have welcomed the judgment. Therefore women’s now hold the equal rights to worship their gods in this temple. The court looked this case as a practice of violation of article 14 and article 25. Under these sections, the women’s right and empowerment was snatched from them. After several petitions and cases filed by women’s and social workers, the ban has been removed. It is to be reported that people of Kerela and staff of temple Sabarimala have welcomed the judgment given by the supreme court and will welcome women with full respect and dignity. Court also stated that one’s devotion to any particular religion or god cannot be discriminated by anyone. Earlier there was a ban on women’s of age group 10 to 50 years to worship or enter the premises of the temple. Under the bench of five members, the female justice Indu Malhotra stated that the court should not be involved in the cases of religions and other practices.

Sabarimala temple was one of the renowned temples in Kerela and devotees from different part of India visited this temple to worship Lord Ayyapa. Now after the ban is removed, people of any gender, caste, religion can worship and enter the temple.

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