6 Important Judgements Made by Supreme Court in 2018

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Supreme Court

Today in the modern society of India, law and orders are becoming more stricter than before. Recently the Supreme court of India gave some judgements which break the stereotypes. The law and orders are becoming more favourable for people to restore faith in humanity and the judiciary system.

Let us look at the six important judgements given by the supreme court of India.

Sabarimala temple case

This holy temple in Kerela is the home of Lord Ayappa. It is one of the holiest places in the state. Several pilgrims visit this place every year. But this temple had a ban on women of age group 10 to 50 years from entering the premises of the temple and worship the god. Supreme court on 1st August gave judgement and removed the ban of women. This judgement is in favour of equality and women empowerment. Now, people of any age group, gender, race and caste can enter the temple and worship the God. It is a strong judgement given by SC on religious matter. It is now believed that it may affect other temples too.


• Aadhar link no more mandatory –

Supreme court has removed the order given on February 6, which stated that it was necessary to link Aadhar details with Sim card and services from other private sectores. A few days back supreme court has removed this step and people need not have to link or provide aadhar details anymore in any form of private services. It may be looked like a matter of security or someone’s personal details. However one has to provide aadhar details if taking any services from government schemes and services. Linking aadhar has been made compulsory with pan card now.


• Euthanasia legal now –

In March 2018, the supreme court of India gave a remarkable judgment by allowing passive euthanasia legal. Under this decision, terminally ill patients can withdraw medical treatment and they can die with dignity. This judgement was given in response to a petition filed by a non-government organisation which requested the judiciary system to remove the further treatment of terminally ill patients which are in the coma by putting them in life support. If the person is suffering from incurable ailments he has the right to withdraw further medical treatment. This judgement is welcomed by people as people do no have to live in pain anymore.


• Live streaming of supreme court hearings –

This is the most incredible decision taken by the supreme court in the year 2018. Under this, all the judgement will be telecasted live on TV so that people could be well aware of the hearings. This is in favour of the policy of “right to know”.


• Adultery not a crime anymore –

Two days ago, the supreme court of India removed the 158 years old law and gave the judgement that adultery is not a crime anymore. Supreme court stated that this policy earlier violated the fundamental rights and was affecting one gender. Under this law, if the man was found to be accused he may face up to 5 years of imprisonment. Supreme court stated that adultery is mainly due to the unhappy marriage. Earlier, women used to file and harras fake cases against men under adultery. Justice Deepak Misra stated that this decision violated the rights of man and it needs to be scrapped. Several women organisations have welcomed this step.


• Section 377 –

This judgement was the most remarkable and historic judgement given in 2018. The supreme court stated that sexual orientation is natural and not a crime. The LGBT community was earlier discriminated as people considered it as a disease. Due to such discrimination, LGBT community couldn’t uplift socially. After the historic judgement by SC, this community has been remarked as the third gender and cannot be discriminated anymore in society. This is indeed the bravest decision taken by the Indian judiciary system for the welfare of the LGBT community. After this verdict, there has been a spark of joy among the different community of people.

So, we can see that our society is becoming mature so as our judiciary system. We can hope for a better future for our coming generation where humanity will be our main concern.

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