The Great Things to do in Mahabaleshwar Trip

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Mahabaleshwar trip

Mahabaleshwar is a small hill town located on the Western Ghats of Maharashtra. It is in the municipal town of Satara District and is one of the few evergreen forest areas of India. During the British rule, it was the summer capital of Bombay Province. Hidden in the Sahyadri Mountain ranges, it’s a paradise with mystical views and spectacular landscapes. Its year-round pleasant weather, lush green hills, enormous expanses of evergreen forests, and enchanting sunrises and sunsets attract the visitors to come here over and over again.

Mahabaleshwar is a famous vacation place for people living in Pune due to the scenic beauty and its proximity to Pune. One can easily go and come back from Mahabaleshwar within a day or easily go on the weekend to get away from a hectic life and rejuvenate in nature’s lap.

People generally prefer to book an AC cab from Pune to Mahabaleshwar with an experienced driver, as the road is a bit tricky and it leaves them free to enjoy the trip. You can just do a simple search on the internet to find a cab and book it after reading the reviews. We found a cab service with affordable Pune to Mahabaleshwar packages. It was easy to book as well with both online and offline booking options available. You just need to tell their requirement and the executive suggests the package accordingly.

Overview and daily activities

The chauffer will be there at your given pick-up point at the exact time instructed by you. Once you start your journey, the driver will inform you of the routes available and you can choose according to your preference. The best route to take is NH48 as it is the shortest one and the roads are also in good condition.

It is advisable to start early morning from Pune to avoid traffic and enjoy the hilly scenes. You can ask the driver to stop on the way as per your convenience for refreshments as well.

Tourist Spots in Mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleshwar has many attractions for visitors like Pratapgad, Venna lake, Elephant’s head point, Lodwick point, Dhobi waterfall, Shri Panchganga Mandir, Chinaman waterfall, Connaught peak and various other places to enjoy sunrises and sunsets.

The strawberry farms in Mahabaleshwar are great places to visit for a tourist. Many locals allow visitors to enjoy their farms and pick fresh strawberries too. Some even have fresh desserts for tourists to enjoy. The most famous strawberry garden is Mapro garden which offers an enormous range of food and drinks made from various berries.

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When visiting the Venna lake, riding a shikara is an experience that’s one of a kind. Enjoying the lake and its surrounding bordering hills on a leisurely shikara imparts relaxation like no other. Many adventurous visitors enjoy the forest trek in Tapola as well. It is called the mini Kashmir for its rustic hamlet surrounded by beautiful Shivsagar lake. The Shivsagar lake is also famous for various water sports like boating, water scooter rides, kayaking, and swimming in the quiet water of the lake. The Lingmala falls near Mahabaleshwar are famous for their breathtaking environment. You can enjoy a cool dip in the cascading water or take a hike up the waterfall to experience the mystic lush green surroundings.

When in Mahabaleshwar, you should most definitely give sunrise and sunset points a visit. These points offer splendid views of the stunning hills and greenery all around apart from the brilliant rays of the sun. Wilson point is one of the most scenic locations for witnessing sun rises and the sun sets.

Picnic at the scenic Connaught Peak is also one of the best things to do in Mahabaleshwar. The peak offers dazzling views of the Venna Lake and the Krishna Valley. The adventure-seeking souls go to the Rajpuri caves near Mahabaleshwar. These caves are excellent sightseeing spots and are surrounded by large kunds of water. Two of the dark and mysterious caves have Lord Karthikeya temple and Goddess Ghatjal Devi temple in them. Rest are interconnected by many underground tunnels and intrigue the daring souls to explore them.

How to reach Mahabaleshwar from Pune

You can go to Mahabaleshwar from Pune by either by rail or by road. Bus and train are apt for people going for work. Most people going on vacation take their own car or book a taxi for a journey by road. People going on family vacation generally get an Innova on rent in Pune for a comfortable ride.

Renting a taxi with an experienced driver ensures a safe and convenient trip. You are free to relax and enjoy the trip without worrying about driving. There are many taxi services offering Mahabaleshwar trip from Pune. Saavari’s taxi service offers some of the best services at affordable prices. Their transparent billing with zero cancellation charge is big plus points along with their doorstep pickup and drop facility.

Distance and time took:

Mahabaleshwar is 121 km away from Pune and the trip takes about 2 and a half hours to complete. A relaxing and rejuvenating trip to the beautiful Mahabaleshwar is a must. So pack your bags and book your cab and head to the hidden paradise of Maharashtra.


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