Avengers: Endgame – 3 Wild Predictions for the Next Great Marvel Extravaganza

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Avengers Endgame Predictions
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With the cheerfully feline-flavored Captain Marvel finally out of the way, the countdown has begun for the much-anticipated final installment of Marvel’s Infinity Saga, which began over a decade ago when playboy billionaire Tony Stark first donned his iconic suit of armor in the 2008 movie, Iron Man.

Avengers: Endgame is set to premiere worldwide on the 26th of April, 2019. The film will continue where the last Avengers movie, Infinity War, left off – with Thanos eradicating half the population of earth with his infinity-stone affixed gauntlet.

This cataclysmic culling of the global population – apparently Thanos’s idea of good family planning – left the earth’s mightiest heroes weak, decimated, and grieving for their fallen friends. Now, the question remains, how will the surviving heroes recover their strength and defeat the god-like Thanos?

How will the Avengers avenge those who were lost in the aftermath of the Infinity War?

Based on the movie trailers (and Marvel’s track record of spectacular weirdness) here are some speculative predictions about what might be in store for us come Friday.

Behold a Brave New World

Literally. It is very likely that the final movie in the Infinity Saga will introduce new worlds – or even a whole new universe – for future Marvel films to be based on. One of the most prevalent fan theories speculates that the characters who got evaporated at the end of the last movie didn’t really die. Instead, they were transported to a parallel dimension, one which we will get to see in Endgame. This new dimension or universe can then function as the setting for future movies.

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This theory makes a lot of sense when we consider that characters like the Black Panther, the Winter Soldier and Spider Man were all ostensibly killed in the last movie. Yet, Black Panther and Spider Man both have upcoming solo sequels, and with Captain America’s contract with Marvel coming to an end, it’s widely speculated that the Winter Soldier will be the next Captain. With that in mind, leaving the original Avengers behind on earth would allow the new generation to come into the limelight in the parallel universe, thus wiping the slate clean for a whole new chapter of the story.

Into a Forgotten Past

Alternately, Endgame could also take us back to the past. The fact that time-travel is possible in the Marvel universe will come as no surprise to old fans. After all, the plot of Doctor Strange pretty much hinged on the Time Stone and Thanos’s ability to play with time very much impacted the climax of the last movie.


When Doctor Strange handed the Time Stone over to Thanos, he told Tony Stark that doing so was ‘the only way’. How far-fetched an idea is it, then, that the doctor-turned-wizard might’ve had a good reason for doing what he did. After all, he had explored millions of possible scenarios before coming to that conclusion. So would it be that odd if the heroes were to travel back in time, to rectify some old wrongs (and meet lost friends)?

The God of Mischief is Alive and Kicking

Loki’s brutal death in the last movie shocked many fans, while annoying others who found the idea of the ever-innovative God of Mischief dying in a knife-fight patently ridiculous. Many have even suggested that the version of Loki that died at Thanos’s hands was merely a projection, seeing as he had tried to stab the alien with his left hand, rather than his right.

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So, could it be possible that Loki will re-emerge at a critical moment in Endgame to help (or betray) his brother Thor? With a Loki spin-off movie in development, the God of Mischief might just have been faking his own death to trick his enemies this whole time. After all, it certainly wouldn’t be the first time he’s pulled that off, would it?


Whether or not any of these predictions come true, Avengers: Endgame is sure to be one hell of a film! And if Marvel’s track-record is anything to go by, the final chapter of the Avengers saga will end up shocking us all, one way or another.

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