Avengers Endgame: Snap Your Fingers and Decimate Your Google Search Results – Thanos Style

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Thanos Google Search
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Today is the day fans around the world have been waiting for, the day the last film in Marvel’s decade-spanning Infinity Saga is set to be released for the viewing pleasure of audiences around the globe.

And Google seems to be as excited about the release of Avengers: Endgame as any comic geek saving up their allowance for the movie. To celebrate the release of the much-anticipated culmination of Marvel’s 22-film saga, Google has introduced a neat gauntlet trick, just to remind netizens about the dangers our beloved Avengers are about to face.

The last Avengers movie, Infinity War, ended with Thanos evaporating half the population of the world with a snap of his gauntlet-adorned fingers. Now, Google seems set on doing the same thing to our search results.

Thanos Power in Google Search

Try searching the name ‘Thanos’ on Google. Along with the usual search results, you will see a bright Infinity gauntlet on the right hand side. In a villainous move rivaling that of Thanos himself, Google will cause half your search results to disappear if you click on this gauntlet.

The six Infinity stones on the metal glove will glow ominously as the gauntlet clicks its fingers – and you will feel a twinge of the pain our heroes must have felt as they watched their friends turn to dust before their eyes.

In moments, the number of search results will be reduced to half, the rest having been ‘dusted’ away through the digital decimation wrought by Google’s very own Infinity stones.

To undo this heartless decimation of your search results, you just need to click on the gauntlet a second time. This will result in the stones glowing once again and all the ‘dusted’ results being restored to your screen, ready to be clicked on and explored.

With this, Google has added one more cool feature to its already impressive arsenal of cleverly hidden Easter eggs, which includes the fun dino game that you can play when your Internet goes out.

Well, what’re you waiting for? Go buy your movie tickets, and use Google’s Infinity gauntlet to snap those lurking spoilers into dust!

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