Boroline – The Story Behind this Successful Indian Brand

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Boroline Brand Story
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On the surface, Boroline is a simple over-the-counter, antiseptic cream sold in India – one of many such products currently available in the market. However, a little digging under the surface will reveal a history that is as rich and fascinating as it is inspiring.

A Brief History of Boroline

Boroline, a product made by combining the astringent zinc oxide with the antiseptic boric acid, was first launched in the city of Kolkata in 1929 by a merchant by the name of Gourmohan Dutta. It was meant to treat paper-cuts, rough skin, cracked lips, and minor infections.

What began as an ordinary business venture, however, soon evolved into something that was much more than that. As Boroline’s popularity soared with the passage of years, it emerged as an icon of economic independence and national self-sufficiency in a country still stifled by colonial rule.

The heady wave of nationalism that engulfed the subcontinent during the pre-independence era was instrumental in the formation and growth of Boroline and its parent company, GD Pharmaceuticals.

A Path Towards Economic Self-Sufficiency

A patriot and a businessman, Gourmohan Dutta became convinced that without economic self-sufficiency and financial prosperity, the future of independent India was at stake. After all, a sovereign nation was responsible for the wellbeing of her citizens, and ensuring that wellbeing required a substantial amount of money. Without sufficient revenue generation, sovereignty was a pipe-dream.

The legendary, dark green tube of Boroline was first conceived and manufactured at the founder’s home in Kolkata. Despite this humble beginning, Gourmohan Dutta decided that the product must be equivalent to its foreign counterparts in terms of quality and manufacturing standards. This was not an easy task, considering the dearth of financial and technological resources in pre-independence India.

However, it was an important ingredient in the recipe for independence and national sovereignty, which was the zeitgeist of the generation and one of the primary concerns of the times. And thus, the celebrated journey of Boroline began.

Contemporary Goals and Production Facilities

One of the most popular brands of modern India, GD Pharmaceuticals has two production units in the country. The first is located in Chakbagi village in Bishnupur, a little over 15 kms from Kolkata. The facility was built on a 20 acre plot and has a floor area of over 48,000 sq. ft.

The other unit, located in Ghaziabad, near Delhi has a floor area of 8000 sq. ft. Nowadays, most of the production process is automated, ensuring consistent quality in each and every unit of the product.

Social Responsibility and National Pride

Even today, decades after the dream of an independent India became reality, GD Pharmaceuticals persists in its efforts to restore the glory of India and improve the lot of its people. Socially and environmentally responsible, the company only uses recyclable packaging materials and has initiated special plantation projects to play a role in the Save Trees Campaign.

It also provides financial assistance to underprivileged individuals requiring heart surgery and other life-saving treatment procedures around the country, benefiting many poor families in the process.

Boroline – An Indian Story

In conclusion, the story of Boroline is the story of India – the story of her rise from the depths of colonial oppression, onto the world stage, as a regional power and a global economy. From its inception, the brand has symbolized the spirit of sovereignty and economic self-sufficiency among the people of India.

The economic and spiritual foundations laid down by Gourmohan Dutta years before independence, will help build the future of the country for years to come.

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