TikTok Ban in India: Here are 5 Alternatives That You Can Use Now

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TikTok Ban in India

TikTok is a popular smartphone app meant for creating short videos and sharing them online. Tiktok is the long-time darling of short music video creators and those who love the lip-syncing video format.

The app allows users to create short, 3 to 15 second long videos and looping videos that can last up to 60 seconds. Presently, it is one of the largest short video platforms in many parts of Asia and the world. Despite its worldwide popularity, TikTok has recently been banned in India following a court case brought by an activist group.

While the fate of the app still remains uncertain, leaving many users and fans in limbo, there are various TikTok alternatives that you can check out in the meantime. Some of the best alternative options to TikTok, currently available in the digital space, have been listed below.

Five Awesome TikTok Alternatives and Their Features

Bigo Live

Bigo Live is one of the most popular live streaming apps, which allows users to interact with one another on the platform as well as stream individual videos. The app is free for download and can be used by teens as well as adults. Bigo Live can be used by both Android and iOS users and is widely used by people to vlog about their lives, stream performances and video games, or to host interactive shows.


Dubsmash is another popular mobile app that is free and compatible with both Android and iOS devices. One of the oldest music video apps, Dubsmash has been downloaded and installed hundreds upon millions of times over the years. Being one of the older apps, Dubsmash offers a vibrant community of music artists and a huge library of entertaining lip-syncing videos. Stickers, text overlays, and movie quotes are also available for use by Dubsmash video creators.

Vigo Video

This is another well-known app primarily used for creating and sharing short clips online. With Vigo Video, users can showcase their daily life, talents, hobbies, and activities to the world. Short comedy sketches, music videos, dance-offs, and animals clips are also quite poplar on this platform. Vigo Video offers exactly 15 seconds of recording time, which encourages creativity and out-of-the-box thinking among users trying to make the best possible use of each moment.


With Funimate, the possibilities are endless, as you can create any type of video that you want, including video loops, compilations, and slow-motion clips. The app also has a huge library, through which you can access numerous popular songs as well as interesting sound-effects. With over twenty cool and advanced video effects, Funimate can turn even ordinary moments into magical video clips.


Triller is a free app that makes the process of recording and editing short videos very simple and intuitive. With Triller, all you have to do is to record the video and leave it up to the auto-editing software algorithm to complete the rest of the process. Triller also offers over fifty filters and allows users to draw over the videos, which enables creators to fully express their creativity through the short clips. Moreover, it offers some amazing collab features for those who want to collaborate with friends on their video ideas.

Summing Up

If making short videos is your passion, then TikTok isn’t the only platform wherein you can unleash your creative spirit. All the above-mentioned apps offer amazing editing tools that will help you combine self-expression with aesthetic visuals in a quick and intuitive manner.


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