Dance of Democracy: Know about the Potential PM Candidates of the Upcoming Lok Sabha Election

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Potential PM Candidates

We are into 2019 and the stage is set for what is going to be the world’s biggest election that has happened till now. This year, India, the largest democratic nation in the world will choose their new leader who is going to serve the nation and try to take the nation to new heights of development and prosperity. The intensity of this time’s election is higher than ever, and the participation of the general audience is amazing. Everyone is having their own opinion and have strong reasons to support someone or reject someone. And with the influence of social media, it has become extremely easy to take your voice to masses.

Similar to the 2014 general elections, this time also, the candidates for the post of the Prime Minister are same and they all are fighting with the best of abilities. The major difference that can be witnessed this time around is that all the opposition have almost united with each other to fight against the present Prime Minister Narendra Modi and their agenda is to dethrone him for the post of PM and then they will later decide their candidate for the supreme post. However, with the elections currently going on, we all come across many politics related questions answers all day along and one of the biggest questions is that who all are the candidates for the post of PM?

Before diving into the list of candidates who may try to take up the post of PM in 2019, it is important to look at the major political parties who are contesting elections on the majority of the seats. The major political parties are –

1) Bhartiya Janta Party

2) Indian National Congress

3) Bahujan Samaj patry

4) Samaj Party

5) Communist Party of India

6) Communist Part of India (Marxist)

These are some of the top national political parties of India. However, there are many other state-level political parties as well who have got the majority and utmost support in their state but their national presence is not so wide.

Now let’s go through the list of leaders who can be the PM candidates for the elections 2019 –

1) Narendra Modi

He is the current Prime Minister of our country and the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) is going to continue with his name for the post of PM. He has done excellent work as the prime minister and with his initiatives, he tried to take India to the next level. He is one of the most popular PM of India, especially among the youth. The way he connects with the masses is scintillating. Many of his initiatives like Start Up India; Stand Up India, Make in India, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Clean Ganga etc. have got the attention of International Media as well. His bold move over implementing Demonetization and the introduction of GST changed the dynamics of the Indian economy and the world appreciated his work. His relations with foreign leaders have been in limelight since the time he took the oath as PM. He traveled all over the world, met all the top delegates and worked in the direction of improving and strengthening the relation of India with the rest of the world. Now with elections around, he has put all his focus on reaching out to the people of India and appealing to vote for him and his party again so that he can carry forward the progress work that he along with his team was doing from the last 5 years.

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2) Rahul Gandhi

The biggest contender from the opposition, who is fighting for the post of PM is Rahul Gandhi from Indian National Congress. He has been active in politics almost from one decade now and has improved a lot as a politician. When he entered politics, he was very amateur with his speeches and the way he interacted but now he has become more mature. He has been doing campaigning for the elections very intensely and reaching out to people in a large number and urging people to vote for the Congress Party once again. He is accompanied by his sister Priyanka Gandhi and getting support from other parties like AAP.

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3) Mayawati

The ex-chief minister of Uttar Pradesh had a long-time dream of becoming the PM of India. She has been active in politics from a very long time now and has started her preparations to contest the elections. However, her party BSP failed to win even a single seat during the 2014 general elections. But this time around, she is high on confidence that her party will remove the stains of last term’s election. She has formed a coalition with SP in Uttar Pradesh and both the parties are going to fight the elections together.

4) Mamta Banerjee

The chief minister of West Bengal may also be one of the likely candidates for the post of PM for the upcoming general elections 2019. She has been serving as the CM of West Bengal from last 2 terms and is very popular down there. She has been an active criticizer of PM Narendra Modi and has been challenging him for the post of PM. Let’s see how she takes this task and how far does she go to try to be the next PM of the country.

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These are some of the top names that are going to be the candidates for the PM post for the ongoing Lok Sabha Elections 2019.


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