Want to know who’s behind those late night texts?

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Reverse phone lookup

Often getting calls from some unknown numbers and text messages can be troublesome especially for women. Plus getting late night texts can be really stressful if the content is not appropriate. This can lead to stress levels and can often result in broken relationships.

Just imagine if your boyfriend gets late night calls or text messages, how weird will you feel? On the contrary if that happens with your girlfriend then it would lead to some stretched fight and then her best friend (obviously a boy) gets into a suspicious zone. This could even lead to high level destruction if that happens to be between married couples.

Now there has to be something by which we could get to know who’s on the other side.

So yes, you can find out who’s there spying on you or troubling you. These days it is quite an easy task to find out who’s there behind the recent missed calls or messages. The technique behind this is: Reverse Phone Lookup.

Now you can easily recognize who called you; who has been talking continuously to your partner or children? Reverse phone lookup is exactly the need of the hour. There are several applications following this and helping users identify their unrecognized callers.

Gone are the days when you used to search for the relatives number using that long yellow pages directory. Even after doing alphabetical search you’re not sure if you had called the right person or not. Now it’s just a few clicks away.

This service started back with the landline and business caller numbers being saved on the white page directory. This made the search easier, but not comfortable, because we still do not know where the caller is located. So came up these smart phone applications.

True Caller stands to be the one everybody knows. It’s just very simple. Install the application on your phone. Sign up with the app. And yeah you’re clear. Now you can know who’s calling you. Whether you want to receive the call or not, whether the person you’re trying to avoid is using any other number and calling you back and so many reasons.

Plus you can have added advantages too.

  • You can block a person’s number if you find he/she has been troubling you since long.
  • You can put up any telesales or company number with the tag company and automatically set it to get rejected.
  • You need not be even connected to the internet to know who’s there on the other side.
  • Protection against spammers is also a great feature of this app.
  • Once you save the number and it becomes available to every user connected via this app.
  • Plus you can replace your dialer with true caller’s dialer itself.
  • And the recent feature makes it easy to remove your number from the database.

Apart from features mentioned above, you can have a look over the user’s profile identifying the carrier of the sim card carried by the user.

Further this work can be done by dozens of applications & websites. But they only tell you where the number belongs and what’s the name associated with this number. If you want to get ahead with this little lead to find if the caller has got some criminal record or is always up for troubling everybody.

And the most irritating calls can be avoided very easily by the use of reverse phone lookup. Telemarketers who often hang up and try to sell their products resulting in complete waste of your time. Just a click and the numbers are blocked, also you tag him as telemarketer and very soon his calls would be blocked by everybody.

Also we can take the help of OK Google to find who just called you. Although Google did shut down its directory service back in 2010, but still you can use it to find some renowned and popular contacts. Just you need to type in the number with the area code and Google saves you again. Plus there’s an added advantage of getting the address too. But if we keep on searching for a number which has been removed from the Google directory then we are just fooling ourselves. Better go download any other application and get your work done. Now as jio has come up with everybody carrying two sims compulsorily it has also become a major task to identify who’s who. We are now carrying contacts like ABC and then ABC jio.

With number of applications coming up daily on the Google play store; this work has gone easier. You can download any of these:

  • Real Caller (4.8 rating on play store)
  • Reverse Lookup (3.9 rating on play store)
  • Mobile number tracker (4.3 rating on play store)
  • Call Insider (4.5 rating on play store)
  • Numbler (4.3 rating on play store)
  • Caller id recorder (4.5 rating on play store)
  • Mr Number (4.3 rating on play store)

And many more such applications help you out.

So happy tracing!

Now you need not worry about who’s stalking your partner or who has been troubling your teenager child. Reverse phone lookup does all for you. The smartest people find it easy, while the dumb still struggle.


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