Welcome the New Year 2021 in God’s Own Country

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The holiday spirit gets stronger, the air gets chillier, and we are learning to almost live with the ongoing pandemic. It’s been a tough year to travel, to enjoy the holidays, but tougher staying indoors for months. So, let’s do something different this new year’s eve. Instead of the tried and tested party destinations, how about resorting to the peaceful locales of Kerala and bring in 2021 in a different way?

Why Kerala? Despite most parts of the country still reeling under the pandemic, this southern state has taken unparalleled measures to flatten the curve and be one of the safest places to travel. Once the safety concerns are settled in your mind, you can then look at the beautiful weather this region offers in December.


Kannur Kerala
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The otherwise underrated port town sitting in the northern part of Kerala is a promising destination for the new year. With the town’s past glory on one hand and the breathtaking beauty of the Malabar Coast on the other, Kannur has the potential to give you an unforgettable end to this rough year. Stay at one of the colonial mansions turned hotels and watch the year turn a new lead. For a little adventure, rent a safe and sanitized car in Kannur and drive to the Payyambalam Beach or the Muzhappilangad Beach right outside the town.


Being a major commercial hub and the biggest city of the state, Kochi is most likely to have a lot of holiday celebrations around the city. You can easily fly to Kochi and book a place near the beach. The ancient port town with its colonial vibes, the old-world charm, and scenic beaches, you are sure to have a great time relaxing by the sea, in your resort, or joining the new year festivities.


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If you are renting a car in Kannur you could also head to Mahe, the forgotten French colony. The small coastal community is mystical and quaint, with an air of distant past, making you travel back in time or stop it right there, whichever you find more appealing. The delightful marriage of architectural aesthetics, scenic landscape, and the postcard-like skyline of Mahe is just what you could be looking for when ringing in the new year.


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If you are craving a little winter chill and seeking the hillside, then head to Kottayam. But you don’t have to stay in town. Rent a sanitized car in Kottayam with an experienced driver and head to the sleepy hill town of Vagamon. The rolling hills and grassy slopes with the vibes of the countryside will make your new year vacay truly special. The misty valleys full in bloom with wildflowers, the dense pine forests, and silvery waterfalls, make for a blissful experience – a joy to behold as you bid adieu to 2020.

Kumarakom and Alleppey

You cannot be in Kerala and not experience the backwaters! If this is what you are missing, then these two beautiful destinations are just perfect getaways for you this season. From Kottayam, head to the Kumarakom or Alleppey, each at barely an hour’s drive from the main city. Considering the lesser influx of tourists this year, you would have better chances of finding a houseboat by the lakes. What could be better than waking up to the fresh air and falling asleep to the swooshing lullaby of the coconut groves?

The cozy vibes of the coastal locales and the nippy air of the hills are sure to make your vacation worthwhile. This new year’s eve, explore these places and welcome 2021 in God’s own country.


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