10 Most Advanced Lethal Weapons Used by Indian Army

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The purpose of was is peace. Keeping an insight of our border scenarios, India is one of the fastest growing military regimes in the world. India shares its borders with Bangladesh guarded by the BSF, Bhutan which is an open border, China called the McMahon line, Myanmar guarded by the Indian army, Nepal which is an open border and Pakistan which is guarded by the BSF called the Radcliffe line. It also shares marine borders with Bangladesh, Myanmar, Indonesia, Pakistan, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Maldives guarded by the navy, and the Air Force for emergency air encounters. To keep up with neighbouring countries in times of threat and other casualties, here are top 10 deadly and advanced weapons India has invested to combat the triviality.


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This ramjet supersonic cruise missile can be launched from submarines, ships, aircraft’s or even land being one of the fastest missile of the world. This is a product of a venture between India and Russia and which is why the middle gets its name “Bhramara” from the river Bhramaputra and “MOs” from the river Moskva respectively. It is used by all the three armed forces of frontline defence from the year 2005. It is designed to attack anywhere between 5 meters to 14000 meters of altitude.


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This missile is a land attacked missile which can withstand all the wether scenarios having a range of 500m to 20km. The exterior is made off fibre glass. It basically consists the Namica being the missile carrier and nag being the missile.


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This huge aircraft carrier is the perpetual strength of the Indian navy. This warrior can carry up to 36 aircraft, which includes 26 MiG-29K multirole fighters and 10 Kamov weighing over 44000 tons which is currently the largest ship ever operated by the Navy. It also carries around 110 officers and 1500 other sailors on board.

Sukhoi Su-30

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This fighter aircraft is a two seat multirole fighter aircraft, the 5th gen IAF owned. It has a range of 4000 kms, can carry up to 8000kgs of weapons, used for air defence and ground level attacks which is most suitable compared to the other 4th gen aircraft’s owned by the IAF.

INS Chakra Nuclear Attack Submarine

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This is a nuclear power attacked submarine, after extensive trials the navy included the submarine into the Indian navy basically to battle the Pakistani regime. But unfortunately, in 2008 a fire practical system accident killed 20 specialists and injured 21 others.


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Owned and developed by the DRDO, it has a 40km range at phase one and 75km range at phase two and fire up to 12 HE rockets in 44 given seconds. This also has a night vision for the crew and was also used into the Kargil war.


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This Russian battle tank of the third generation started its service from 1992. It operates with a torsional bar suspension. This battle tank was used to destroy the ISIS terrorists in Syria in the year 2017.


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India currently operates 2 AWACS developed by the Russia and Israel. They have very short scanning rates which makes anyone to jam the network. It also ranges the target 10 times faster than any other known E-3 serenity. They can fetch targets up to the range of 500 kms in difficult circumstances like mountains and deserts too.


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This is basically an areal refuelling tanker manufactured in the Soviet Union. Manufactured in the 1984, this aircraft is still in use. India is considering to add 6 more of this into the line of defence. This can also occupy six crew members and has a 100000 kg payload.


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This rifle is a gas operated sniper rifle made to target obstruction of different ranges over 1.2 kilometres. One advantage of this is easy to use and replace the repairs cost which can even be used by regular graded troops. It can be use both in day and night because of its swift accuracy. It weighs 4.3 kgs and has a magazine of 10 rounds, fires 30 rounds per minute.


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This is mainly used for for marine time patrol purposes was primarily introduced in November 2013 and is still in usage. It is operated in the anti surface watergate and the anti submarine ware fare.


Weapons might be essential to keep a country protected. India has successfully won many wars using these very weapons and the bravery of our soldiers. The main supply of these weapons mainly came from Russia from around 7 decades till date. Under the made in India program, in 2018, Narendra modi and Vladimir Putin came to an agreement on producing Kalashnikov rifles in India which is estimated to provide employment opportunities to both the countries. The main requirements lie in border areas of China and Pakistan mainly the light assault rifle for infantry troops and higher specified ammunition for the border guarding forces. India has always invested in long term weapons for the striving security of the country. Never the less these weapons if used for more than security purposes will lead to the extinction of man kind.

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