10 Most Attractive Female Armed Forces in the World

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Women from different parts of the world hold a great history of serving the military for hundreds of years. In some countries, women are not allowed to serve in defence or provide combat service. But there are nations, where women are being provided with equal opportunities and they are serving the front line in defence services. We all know about the brave and fierce women’s armed forces. But do you know about the most attractive women armed forces in the world? Below, we are sharing about the top 10 attractive women armed forces in the world.

Attractive Women Armed Forces in the world

Romanian Armed Forces – 

Romanian Armed Forces
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Romanian army girls are at the top list when it come to the most attractive female armed forces in the world. They are known for their sexy appearance and that is one of the profound weapons which they own. If you want to seek the sexiest and most attractive recruits in the army despite them not meeting the capability of top aggressive armed powers in the world, Romanian Army Girls are the ones you should look for.

Russian Armed Forces – 

Russian Armed Forces
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Russian girls are known for their beauty and well-groomed personality. It makes them cover the second position in the list. They play a vital role in the Russian Military along with having slender features and mysterious character. Apart from their beauty, they are also known for playing a vital role during the time of the Great Patriotic War. So, it can be said about them, that they do not just attract people with their beauty but they excel in their duty as well.

Australian Armed Forces – 

Australian Armed Forces
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Australian Army Girls are serving in different roles in the Australian Army. By taking the third position they have surely ensured about their beauty. However, by serving the Australian Defence Forces along with combat roles, they have proved their skills as well. Earlier, Australian Army Girls were allowed only for the Australian Army Nursing Service. However, since 1899, they are serving defence forces as well.

Greece Armed Forces – 

Greece Armed Forces
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Be in the Greek Army or not, Greek women are forever beauties. When it comes to military services, Greek women do not have any compulsion to serve military-like Greek men. Greek Men have the compulsion to serve the Greece Army for 9 months after completing the age of 18. But women can join the armed forces voluntarily and they are not required to get enlisted like Greek men.

Israel Armed Forces – 

Israel Armed Forces
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Heard about a nation where both women and men have to serve the nation after turning 18 years old? If not, then you must know about the Israel Armed forces which have as many female recruits as men recruits. The beautiful Israeli women also serve in the Israeli Defence Forces. These women troopers’ duties also include infantry combatant service at times.

Pakistan Armed Forces – 

Pakistan Armed Forces
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Pakistan Military has been recruiting females since 1947. Pakistan is known as one of the Islamic countries where women are assigned both combat and hostile military services. Pakistan Female Troopers are trained for various combat operations like airborne, infantry warfare, and sniper. In the year 2006, the Pakistan Air Force’s Combat Aerial Mission was joined by the first batch of women fighter pilots.

British Armed Forces – 

British Armed Forces
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Serving the nation’s armed forces since the 1990s, British Army women takes 7th position in our list of attractive women armed forces. British Army is said to have the hottest female recruits in the armed forces. However, there are some duties where British Female Armed Forces are not included, especially the primary combat services.

Polish Armed Forces – 

Polish Armed Forces
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In our list of 10 most attractive women armed forces, Polish women troopers take 8th position. When it comes to serving the Polish Army, the Polish men and women are given equal rights. This means, that even Polish women can serve the Polish Army, Polish Air Force, Polish Navy, and Polish Special Forces as well.

The Czech Republic Armed Forces –

The Czech Republic Armed Forces
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When talking about beauty with brains, Czech Republic Females are said to be one of the best examples. They do not only have impeccable beauty but during World War II they proved their minds too by serving at different positions in the army. They served as anti-aircraft gun crews, medical personnel, and phone operators. Now, they are also serving the Czech Armed Forces and are considered quite crucial for the army.

U.S. Armed Forces –

US Armed Forces
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The 10th position on our list has been taken by U.S. Army girls. Since the time of the Revolutionary War, American women are a part of the war. However, in the past, these female troopers used to disguise as men, so that they can serve in the armed forces. At present, the U.S. Military Armed Forces have around 14 per cent female recruits.

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