An Expert’s Guide to Painting Ceiling

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The one major area in our home that remains untapped in every house painting project is the ceiling. Despite representing one-sixth of our room space, we often tend to neglect it. However, this more than often overlooked space is a key element in every interior design scheme.

To ensure you make most of your neglected ceiling space, we have jotted down some inspiring ideas to help you create the impact.

Create the Focal Point with your Ceiling 

Rather than adorning your room with décor art pieces and accessories, paint your ceiling. This is the best of all ways to spruce your room’s décor. Decking up your ceiling with color will enable you to provide a personal touch to your room. Moreover, it will help you separate dedicated areas for a reading corner or a meditation zone without a physical wall.

Paint Ceilings Dark to Make Room Appear Taller 

If you desire to create an illusion and want to make your room feel taller, then go for dark shades. Bold and deep colors on ceiling against neutral-colored walls make your room appear taller than actually, it is. This adds interest to your room and draws up onlooker’s eyes towards your alluring ceiling. To find the perfect bold shade for your ceiling, scroll through the Asian paints catalogue for the inspiration. 

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Use Color Blocking to Blurs Lines between Walls and the Ceiling 

To provide your room interesting twist and fill it with a fun element resort to color blocking technique. Bring ceiling color partially down the walls to create an illusion such that there are no visible edges between the two. Follow the pattern right from the centre of your ceiling to the side of your major wall. This will create an amazing impact without putting too much of hard work.

Paint Vaulted Ceilings Same as Your Walls 

When painting the ceiling you must pay attention to the architecture of the room. If you have a vaulted or angled ceiling, continue to paint it with the same color as you have used on the walls. By halting, painting on the walls will divide the room and make it appear smaller.

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To Make Your Room Look Expensive Maintain Tonality

Paint is an inexpensive way to add a statement to your room. However, if you want your room to appear lavish considers painting it in a single color with high-gloss or lacquer finish. This is the best way out in case if you do not prefer to use a different shade for painting your ceiling.

If Want White Ceiling, Make Sure It’s Right 

White is one of the widely preferred paint colors for the ceiling. Moreover, white works well in most of the homes. Plus, if you want to make your room feel airy and open it is good to use white. But remember your whites should not create a mismatch. Even a slight variation in the color on the wall with that on the ceiling can become rule-breaking. Thus, make sure you pick the same color.

So, don’t miss the opportunity to add drama to your room. Follow the aforementioned tips and strike impact through all angles of your ceiling.


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