5 Most Inspirational Cancer Quotes For The Patients on World Cancer Day

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World Cancer Day
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“CANCER” this word from the physicians’ mouth still raise fear in the mind of the patients and their relatives. But due to the massive development in the filed of Medical science and technology, now we can beat this disease if can be detected in an earlier stage.

To raise awareness about several types of Cancer, their stages, symptoms etc and inspire the cancer patients February 4th has been selected to celebrate as World Cancer Day. Cancer Day is celebrated to motivate the prevention and treatment of cancer.

On this Very day, we are sharing some inspirational quotes for the patients who are going through the different phrases of this deadly disease to motivate & help them to acquire strength to fight this disease.

Inspirational Cancer Quotes

Cancer is a word, not a sentence.– John Diamond.

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I find this one important because in the beginning, cancer really felt like a prison sentence. Now, cancer is just a part of who I am, but it does not define me.

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Cancer may have started the fight, but I will finish it. – gotCancer.org.

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Cancer has taught me a lot of things. Maybe it is the best thing that has happened to me. I can’t say right now, but maybe some years down the line, I would realise. When I was taking chemotherapy, there were a lot of elderly patients, and that would inspire me. I thought, ‘If they can be cured, why can’t I be?’  – Yuvraj Singh

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There can be life after breast cancer. The prerequisite is early detection. – Ann Jillian

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