5 Rudest Bollywood Actress – Interesting Answers from Quora Users

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Rudest Bollywood Actress

When the question of Rudest Actress arise, quite a lot names roams in internet. Quora, being a popular answering medium, users have shared their real life awful experience when they encountered with our silver screen actress.

Surprisingly, their behavior were completely different which we expect from them. Here we have picked the 5 most rudest actress from Bollywood.

Katrina Kaif

This is back in 2004 when her 2nd film which is Malliswai (in telugu) wasn’t even released but she attained fame for being beautiful and she was invited for an opening of a shopping mall (Kala Niketan). We too happened to go for the opening as we being distant relatives to the mall owners were invited and I got the chance to see her but din’t feel anything special except that she’s a tall, lean and fair toned woman (I was a kid back then). She spend around half an hour to an hour for the photo shoot before leaving but the actual news starts after that, everyone started talking about how irritating and snobbish she is. The owners of the mall felt that their decision of choosing Kat over some established tollywood actress was wrong as it seems she din’t cooperate properly for the shoot.

This is a widely known fact that for the film Malliswari she was initially signed in for 5 lakhs as she’s merely a new-comer to the industry but she later went back on her word and demanded one crore, the producer and male actor belong to the same family and are established people in tollywood. No one would dare raise a word against them, here comes a newcomer who broke the ethics and was warning them that she would drop out from the film after almost half of the film was shot. Its just that Suresh Productions people took it with a light heart and fulfilled her demands otherwise I doubt she could reach the position she’s in. It was so easy to ban a newcomer who’s not even an Indian for breaking the film ethics, she just went lucky with few good people of tollywood but today she stands with much more arrogance.

Katrina Kaif

Shared by Amulya Kolusu

Kareena Kapoor Khan

I met Kareena and Saif, like another person, at the London airport. I obviously asked them for a small picture. Saif seemed ok with it, but Kareena took his hand and hurried him away to a shop. I thought she didn’t hear me, so I went up to them again and very politely asked for a picture. Saif was about to turn, but Kareena stopped him. Then, loudly and deliberately she said “Oh, won’t this look good in the Bombay house?”, pointing to an expensive looking chair. Saif, timid and scared of his wife said “I think i like it better in the Chandigarh house”. (It wasn’t Chandigarh but I can’t recall what it was exactly.) As you can see, she was very rude to me and I just wanted a picture with them really quick.

Kareena Kapoor

These actors are so fake…

Shared by Ayan Porwal

Ronit Roy, & couple of them

Incident 1-

I started my career working in McDonalds. Back in 2009 I was working at Phoenix, Lower Parel Store which used to be crowded as Phoenix has two renowned disc and some great restaurants. It was late 11:45 pm when Ronit Roy, his wife and his child visited our store. The closing time of our stores were 12am and usually after 11:00pm we don’t keep much stuff as the order depends on the number of customer requirement of specific burgers.

Since we work for late night shift and it’s a huge task to work at night which includes detailed cleaning and stocking. Therefore, we always use to start early to get rid of detailed cleaning work and be ready for stocking. After 11 we use to have only single person in kitchen who was handling Veg as well Non veg section both.

I was handling order taking counter that day. Since, I was working there for more than a year I had seen many celebrities in our store and nearby surrounding, so taking orders of any celebrities was nothing new and exciting for me. He ( Ronit Roy) ordered few burgers and some fries for his family which I mentioned that it will take some time and told him to have seat. Unfortunately, my kitchen mate disappears and I was searching him and my Floor Manager like hell and even their phone was not reachable. To avoid any further delay, I myself went to kitchen and put the aloo/ chicken patties in respective pans and came to counter. Suddenly, a group of young boys and girls came to eat at the restaurant. Although I mentioned them we are closed, they said it’s 11.55 pm and we still have 5 minutes to close to which I have to agree and took their order. The order was huge for 7 burgers / 4 fries and some hot chocolate /cappuccino . Still there was no sign of my friend and floor manager…So went to kitchen again and did the same thing. Meanwhile, I was putting fries in oil, Ronit came and asked me how long it will take and started yelling. I kept my mind cool and told him to have seat.

Ronit Roy

Somehow, I manage to prepare his order of burgers but fries order was still not completed as it takes 7-8 minute to cook and I forgot to add that when I put the burger patties in oil pan. I delivered the burger on his table and told him fries will take more 5 minutes to which he annoyed and this is how conversation went –

Ronit – are you guys mad, why it took so long to complete order. Why you are alone in this store.

Me– Sorry Sir, my friend is out to buy medicine and he will be back in some time.

Ronit –( in high voice ) where is your manager?

Me– I don’t know sir, might be he went with my friend

Suddenly, my friend ( Nitin ) came and called me from kitchen- “ Swapnil Gaandu, yeh patty toh Jal gaya hai! “ ( Swapnil, these patties are cooked up fully )

By listening this, Ronit called him too and said what happen to you – are you not well.

Nitin – no sir..I am fine

Ronit’s wife was staring me like a school principal.

Suddenly, my manager also came in this scenario and Ronit asked him that McDonalds service is pathetic.I was waiting for more than 15 minutes and haven’t received my order My manager apologized to him and told him to calm down.

Somehow, Ronit found out that Nitin and my Manager was doped. They were not in their sense as the smell of Gaanja was coming out from their body. I bought fries and gave it to Ronit’s wife. Somehow Ronit lost his control and yelled all 3 of us

Ronit– Let me call your head, give me his number.

My manager apologized again but he was not in mood to listen.

Ronit– do you think am I am “ Chu**** ? “ I am your customer- you need to give us first class service. “ B***** samjhtey kya ho tum (beep..what do you think of yourselves) “ I keep 100’s of people under me like you guys.

Even after convincing, apologizing he was not at all ready to listen. Finally, he thrown his fries tray and left the store with his family. And the melodrama ended with all gossips from the young lads.

Luckily this incident was not disclosed to my Store Manager and our A** was saved.

Shared by Swapnil Modsingh

Bobby Deol

It was late at 1:30 am. I was cleaning the main lobby and suddenly there was knock sound at my main door. To see who is knocking, I came to door and saw Bobby Deol… who was heavily drunk. Right above our store- there was pub called “RA”- it seems he came from the same place

Bobby – Is there something to eat.

Me – sorry sir- we are closed!

Bobby – Pagal….khol na give me something to eat. ( Open the door )

Me – no sir, we are closed and its cleaning time.

Bobby- pushes me and tried to enter in the store. Our store watchman who was behind the store,heard some noise and came to help me out. Even watchman said Sorry we are closed but still he insisted to enter in the store. Somehow, we managed to push him back and closed the main door again.

Bobby was so drunk & irritated that he threw his shoes at our door. Finally, one of his friend came to help him and took him to parking lot.


More or less, similar kind of incident happened with celebrities like Anuskha Dandekar ,Suchitra Pillai & Dolly Bindra.

Shared by Swapnil Modsingh

Ms. Shabana Azmi

She was one of the many people invited to a family friend’s art exhibition in Delhi. The event was followed by cocktails & Ms. Azmi chose to extend her stay. This was weeks before the last Lok Sabha elections so organically the conversation steered towards politics. Many people, including my father, mentioned that they would be voting for the Bhartiya Janata Party[BJP] because they are an economically progressive party & Gujarat’s businesses have been thriving like wildfire under Mr. Modi. Indian National Congress[INC]’s laws & policies have been becoming more anti-business with every passing term which is costing India’s economy a great deal. And the last option, Aam Aadmi Party[AAP] is even worse, because with INC in power in Delhi they could at least get their work done by paying bribes. AAP has been an absolute nightmare for Delhi’s businesses with their unprogressive & short sighted policies and unsupportive staff.

That ticked her off. She mentioned how “people like” them would be butchering democracy if they voted for “someone like Narendra Modi”. She exclaimed in a patronizing tone that she cannot believe that even such educated & affluent people can support a lowly political party & their “uneducated candidate”. She talked about the “safety of minorities & women” and how BJP’s win would make the Indian Muslim’s future uncertain.

May be it was her bad day, but she forgot she was trying to talk down to a group of lawyers, CAs, & some of the Indian capital’s successful businessmen [3 of whom, funnily enough, were Muslims]. They politely but jokingly started to reply to her quips with facts and she soon excused herself from the discussion. 10 minutes later, she was nowhere to be found.


I understand that something like politics can be polarizing. But a mature adult is expected to behave reasonably at a social gathering. If it is too much for you, you should excuse yourself from the discussion rather than being rude & making a fool of yourself. I appreciate that she has the right to a different POV. That is the joy & essence of democracy. But so in having a discussion. You can’t lecture or patronize people if they disagree with you. I’m less than half her age & sadly I display more integrity & calm whenever I have political differences with my father or anyone.

Her behavior was unfortunate.

Shared by Debapratim Ghosh



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