Kik Messenger for Android: Enlisting the Features

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KIK messanger
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Kik messenger is one of the more popular messaging applications and it is quite a handful when it comes to having the same on smartphones and desktops. In this post, we will be talking about some of the best features associated with the same while comparing the same with the likes of Facebook messenger and even WhatsApp.

The Holistic Chatting Interface

Kik comes with a host of features and messaging options which aren’t usually seen on other applications. The first and foremost perk has to be the one concerning the availability of emojis. This feature is mainly for the old school texters who prefer using special characters and emoticons into the scheme of things.

Availability of Bots

Chatbots help improve the social quotient associated with this application. This makes Kik a highly desirable app as we can play quizzes, work on certain games and even get daily fashion tips without having to install any other application. This aspect of chatbots can be leveraged further by marketers for adding in-app purchases and a lot more.

Travelling the World with Kik

This app allows users to discover potential Kik users— all across the globe. The idea here is to access the same via a unique kik code which allows an individual to add any person of choice. In addition to that, certain websites— fulfilled by the Kik community— allow easy discovery of codes— upon request.

Safety Features Galore

Almost every Kik user is at peace when it comes to the security features. Kik login details are confidential and can never be compromised. Moreover, Android users with this application can block and report any user of choice— in case of any discrepancy. Last but not the least, this application is a great option for mobile marketers who are even looking to target the desktop users.

Kik offers the flexibility of using the application even via PCs and desktops, via web access or android emulators.


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