6 Awesome Things You Should Know about Hima Das, the Golden Girl

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Hima Das

Hima Das, the ‘Golden Girl’, at the age of just 18 has become the inspiration of the youth nowadays. Born on January 9th, 2000 in Dhing (a small village having the population of fewer than 18 thousand) situated in Nagaon, Assam. She made India proud by winning the 400 M race at IAAF Championships, 2018 held in Tampere, Finland.

Here are 6 facts which you all must read about this wonderful inspiration for the youth:

1. First ever Indian woman:

She is the first Indian woman in the history of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) who clinched the gold medal at the IAAF World Under – 20 Athletics Championships. She became the world champion. She achieved this milestone by running 400 meters within 51.46 seconds and to be very surprised it was not her personal best which is 51.30 seconds.

2. Where lack of resources was not a hurdle:

Hima’s father is a rice farmer and her family was deprived of resources. Before the start of the race, her coach had a notion in her mind, that her cheap spikes may become hurdle during her race but when you are completely dedicated to your efforts and abundant with very strong willpower then lack of resources is not a hurdle.

3. She never thought about becoming a sprinter:

Just like one of the most successful captain of the Indian Cricket Team (Men) MS Dhoni, Hima was also having a keen interest in football. During her school life, she used to play football with the boys. She always wanted to make her career in Football and represent India. But, her talent was recognised by Mr Shamsul Hoque the Physical Education Teacher (PET) of her school and suggested her to make the career in athletics.

4. Behind the success of a woman sometimes there is a man:

Reversing the popular quotation, after the success of Hima, there are three men who played a vital role in her achievements.

a. The first one is Hima’s father Mr Ronjit Das. In a recent interview, he shared that both father and daughter were having the routine of waking up at 4 in the morning and joining each other in jogging to the race fields. So, it will be totally correct to say that his father is her first Guru.

b. The second man is Mr Shamshul, the PET of her school, who observed her speediness on the Football ground. He was the person who gave her the right direction and guided her to try in athletics.

c. The third man is Mr Nipon Das, the coach as-well-as Directorate of Sports and Young Welfare. Hima met with him on the occasion of inter-district meet and Mr Nipon agreed to train her. He convinced Hima and her family for shifting to Guwahati. He arranged for the rented accommodation for Hima’s family and her admission in the State Academy.

5. Hima Das name comes in the list of winners of the medal at the Word U-20 Championships

This list includes the names of the Neeraj Chopra (Javelin throw – Gold), Seema Punia (Discuss Throw – Bronze) and Navjeet Kaur Dhillion (Discuss Throw – Bronze).

6. The fearless girl: Hima is an athlete with strong determination

She never let the pressure of competing with champions to impact her morale. It was pretty much noticed when she overtook the previous champion, Taylor Manson.

During her final 400 metres race at the World U20 Championships, her coach bet on her last 80 metres and she proved her calibre by clinching the Gold. She is an inspiration for the Indian youth and athletes. Now India is having another girl on the list of champions.

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