7 Adorable Bangle Designs collections of never-ending Fashion

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Adorable Bangle designs

What do you first think when you see gold? Most of the Indians believe gold is very auspicious. We all possess some kind of gold jewellery. With advancing time, we all are keen to find out the new designs. The reason behind this is, everybody likes to wear some piece of gold jewellery, whether it is a man or woman. However, India is filled with vast cultures and traditions and the people here believe that gold is a symbol of prosperity and luck. And that’s why gold is bought and worn on special days like Akshaya Tritiya, Durga puja, Onam, Pongal etc.

Moreover, apart from the religious importance, we all love to flaunt our new look with our new collections of jewellery. Women love to dress up and adorn themselves with different kinds of jewellery. Festivals is the perfect occasion to wear gold because of their prominence. If you want to prepare yourself for the coming festival and is confused about where to start, visit this website. You will get a wide collection of jewellery which you can choose from depending on your choice of look that you want to be in. Starting from the minimal look, to a grand look, you will get all that you need.

If you want to pick up some graceful bangles at this festival, don’t hesitate to explore all the designs available on the website. As bangles define the cultural heritage of India, they are an integral part of a woman’s life. You can also visit the gold jewellery store to find out the collections they have. Some of the designs that you would like to have in your collection of jewellery are-

Some Adorable Bangle Designs

Era uncut gold bangle-

Era uncut gold bangle
Image Source: Pinterest.com

This adorable bangle design is a must in your wardrobe to flaunt your style. It is perfect for a traditional look at festivals or on special occasions.

Kerala gold bangle-

Kerala gold bangle
Image: PInterest

These are perfect for any ethnic celebrations as these bangles will catch the attraction making you the centre of the celebrations.

Gold Emerald bangles-

Gold Emerald bangles
Image: Pinterest.com

These are specially designed to go with party wear attire giving you a modern look. These bangles increase your elegance.

Red and green enamelled daily wear gold bangles-

Red and green enamelled daily wear gold bangles
Image Source: Pinterest.com

If you have the habit of wearing bangles, this is for you. Include this in your daily wear and trendy twist to your life.

Designer rope office wear bangles-

Designer rope office wear bangles
Image Source: Pinterest.com

These are simple yet trendy which perfectly match your office attire. These are for those who prefer a minimalistic look.

Antique gold bangles-

Antique gold bangles
Image Source: Pinterest.com

These are also called real treasures because these designs are 50 years old. these are usually worn with an antique set of jewellery and gives you a traditional look.

Traditional gold Bengali bangles –

Traditional gold Bengali bangle
Image Source: Pinterest.com

These are designed specially to be worn by a bride during the marriage occasion. These have red beads at the end which holds traditional importance for a Bengali. They are half cut, which means it is easy and comfortable to wear.

Accentuate your fashion by adding these adorable bangle designs to your collection of jewellery.


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