Asian Games 2018: Six Definite Reasons Behind this Exceptional Success of Indian Sports

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Asian Games 2018

The Asian Games 2018 is also known as 18th Asian Games, was a multisport event which being held from 18 August to 2 September 2018 in the Indonesian of Jakarta and Palembang. 45 country took participate in Asian Games. The motto of the Asian Games was “Energy of Asia”. Asian Games 2018 hosted by Jakarta and Palembang, Indonesia. The opening ceremony held on 18 August, and officially opened by Joko widodo (President of Indonesia).

Some of the reasons behind the success of Indian Sports in Asian Games 2018 are listed below:

Selection committee:

India’s selection committee plays an important role in the Asian Games 2018. They select the best athletes to send for these games, so that athletes perform well in their respective games and could win awards.

Game officials:

The winning of the different players at world championships in the sports, is not only based on the individual intelligence but the result is output of hard work of whole committee viz government officials, coaches, players and other game organizers.

Importance of Game:

Now every have its own importance and have popularity among the people which indirectly motivates the sport persons, motivation makes sport persons to work hard to achieve their goals in their respective fields, Which help sport persons to earn awards for their country.

Education sector:

The educational institutes also play an important role in the success of the sports in India. They encourage the students to also take parts in sports of their choice not only in academics. Nowadays many universities provides sports quota for higher education.

Government policies:

Government is another important factor because government provides jobs to deserving players for their living, so that they can spend their remaining life with ease. Government also pays some amount as reward to the deserving sport persons.


Nowadays, all the games getting popular day by day and people also start appreciating the sports and sport persons. And this attracts the private sponsorships and private funding which indirectly reduces the worries of sport persons. And indirectly improves the performance of the sport persons in the field as well.

India competed at the Asian Games 2018 in Jakarta and Palembang, Indonesia. Neeraj chopra and Rani Rampal was the flag bearer of the opening ceremony and closing ceremony respectively. India won total 69 medals at Asian Games 2018, from which 15 were Gold, 24 were silver and 30 were bronze.

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