Bangladesh Liberation War and Role Of Indian Defence Forces

During 1971 Indo Pak War or what we call it “Bangladesh Liberation War” where our Land and Air Superiority Dismantle Pakistani Defence Forces and Bound Them To surrender within 2 weeks. But This could not be achieved without the overwhelming caliber of Indian Defence Forces.

Now coming to the point after the partition of Republic Of India a new Country was formed that is Islamic State Of Pakistan, But partition held in a different manner Muslim majority of east became East Pakistan (Now known as “Bangladesh”) and the majority of muslim from west known as West Pakistan

But Unfortunately This 2 nation Theory collapsed as because East Pakistan erupts due to tortures and unbearable behavior of west Pakistan . Most of the economic growth was from east Pakistan but it got utilize in west Pakistan’s Development, as well as Language issue erupts ,because it was decided that

Urdu will be the national language of Pakistan which East Pakistan majority declined because Majority of them speaks Bengali.

Pakistan Wanted to suppress there voice through Guns. And Then Begin:

Operation Searchlight:

A planned military operation carried out by the Pakistan Army. Taking Control of all the major areas and cites and then eliminating all opposition, ether its political or military.

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Raped more than200,000–400,000 Bangladeshi women and also eliminated.

Indian Aggression and Involvement:

Then Prime Minister Indra Gandhi came to the conclusion that instead of securing millions of refugee its much needed to go war with Pakistan. Pakistan Air Force launched a strike on Indian Air Force bases on 3 December 1971.That marked the start of the Indo-Pakistani War Officially.

Indian Air Force carried out several strikes against Pakistan, and within a week, IAF aircraft controlled the skies of East Pakistan. Its full air supremacy by the end of the week, as of entire Pakistani air contingent in the east, PAF No.14 Squadron, was grounded because of Indian airstrikes at main areas. Indian Navy’s Ins Vikrant Carried out total Naval blockade destroying the eastern wing of the Pakistan Navy and effectively blockading the East Pakistan ports, thereby cutting off any escape routes for the stranded Pakistani soldiers. Indian Navy Almost destroyed most of the Pakistan navy ships and tankers in the west .

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And That Came to total victory within December 16 1971, Lt. Gen A. A. K. Niazi Signed the Document Of surrender to 1971, Lt. Gen Lieutenant General Jagjit Singh Arora .Over 93,000 Pakistani troops surrendered making it largest surrender since World War 2.

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This is a glorify and Proud moment for India As well as Its armed Forces … Jai Hind.

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