Brilliant Idea from Gurugram Teen: Helping 500 Homeless Folks to Get 10,000 Litres of Water/Day

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Tavishi Singh

‘Everyone is in quest for a better and brighter India and future for its habitants’ but only bravehearts like Tavishi Singh (15 years old) had guts to turn this dream into reality! She has launched rain water harvesting project which is being called “Endless River”. This project has been discovered for the welfare of people who are always in quest of clean and pure water. But always been away from such facilities.

Gurugram Teen’s idea is assisting 500 homeless folks, along with mentally challenged people to get 10,000 liters of water per day which is a good step towards welfare of the society. Gurugram teen supports the idea of a healthy environment among society which seems little far for reach homeless folks.

What has brought Tavishi Singh to take this step is quiet inspiring, once when she was on the way to school she saw many homeless and abandoned people suffering with unhealthy life and conditions. This situation stroke into her mind and heart to work harder for people, this landed her by discovering rain water harvesting project. For living this dream she approached ‘ Earth Saviors’ , it is a Gurugram based NGO which works for less privileged people. This NGO is moving forward for protecting environment, this is report of India Today . But for turning this idea into reality was not easy, Tavishi even went door to door for collecting funds, which was successful in collecting 1.78 lakhs with the help of bunch of her friends. Online crowd funding played a pivotal role for the success of this project. ‘Ketto’ became a big platform for raising funds. Tavishi later tells –

“Delhi heat was at its worst and one could see it was only matter
 of time wherein water would become the next major concern for the 
foundation” !

During whole process of providing India clean water and food, She followed the method of most cost-effecting method of rainwater harvesting .She even concerned this method with Sekhar Raghavan, the Rain Man of Chennai. She set up whole method to apply by arranging two 20 feet intense borewells have been brought within NGO’s premises to recharge the groundwater. When the borewell gets recharged by rainwater, it works through the pipes around the well and replenishes ground water with pure water. This process takes neither so much time or less time, it really works well. Main question is still swinging in the minds of people what will be the impact of Endless River Project? So it has been divided into four parts-

1) It will indeed be helpful for providing 10,000 liters water per day which is quiet pretty.

2) It will replenish the depleting water tables .

3) It will give the hygienic environment in every aspect because water will come through some process whose preference is to keep material hygienic.

4) People will be able to take basic rights which earlier they never got!

After the success of Rainwater harvesting project, Tavishi singh praises the support of Sekhar Raghavan in the words-

“In the initial phases, he helped me in selecting the most efficient of rainwater harvesting” !

This rainwater harvesting project has been launched on this very month which is way to go ahead with more interesting ideas ! With blessings of well wisher and faith in her talent , so many people wants to continue her and to take her work to the the next level. Also National –level swimmer also congratulates her and blesses her for future.

This is just beginning of this project, today it is 500 folks with 10,000 liter water but tomorrow it will turn into 1500 folks with 15,000 liter water.

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