India Orders Ban on Dangerous Blue Whale Game Challenge

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Blue Whale Game challenge
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The Indian government has asked big social media players like Facebook, Google, WhatsApp, Instagram to delete all promotional links of dangerous Blue Whale Game. Death of a teenage in July was first case and since then cases are coming in news from several parts of India like Indore, Solapur and Kerala.

A strong reaction came from all over the country to ban Blue Whale Game. This game is supposed  to led to nearly 100 deaths in the US, China and other countries.

Though a petition was filed in Delhi Court to ban this game and Women & Child Welfare Minister , Menka Gandhi Is making appeal to parents on twitter to be cautious but these steps are not sufficient.

We need to take long term steps also to stop such psychological attack. To ensure psychological wellbeing and safety of teen age generation of India, we need to take care of our life style also.

Blue Whale Game Challenge and its tasks

Blue Whale game is a dangerous online game which targets teen age .This game was created in Russia by Philipp Budeikin who got sentenced for imprisonment for making such risky  game. Blue whale is named after its feature activity that needs the player to draw a blue whale on a paper then carve it out onto their body. After that game players introduce oneself to the community or forum. Further  they’re asked to perform many depressing task to perform before beginning the real  task of the game. Game is so framed that it doesn’t permit its participants to depart the game.

Players are challenged to finish fifty tasks in fifty days and once finishing every task they’re asked to place a mark on their body which is able to ultimately take a form of whale in the last. At first in blue whale dare, players do it with interest because it looks easy daring task like looking grisly film or awakening at 4:30 am which slowly resulting in brutal stages. It’s like giving tiny doses of drugs in starting to make him addict.

In present life style, we’ve got addiction of taking pic of everything. Blue whale game uses this addiction as a motivational source and asks players to share pic as an indication of task completion.

Blue Whale dare additionally keep condition to keep secrecy. Tasks ought to be exhausted in awfully secret manner without revealing anyone except game community.

How to ensure safety from Such Blue Whale Dare?

Time has come we should start taking care of ‘Virtual World’ of our kids. In India, we can see around  that parents are either illiterate in technology use or they are too busy and not having time to check activities of their kids. Both conditions are very dangerous.

Our teen kids are our responsibility and we cannot make excuses. If parents are not giving time to their kids, they are cheating themselves. We should stop running after money. As parents our duty doesn’t get over only by demanding ban on ‘Blue Whale Dare’. Today, government may take action to stop one game but what will happen tomorrow because time in which we are living is full of such dangerous online games.

We have left our kids psychological alone. They need to be made strong on psychological front. They need company of family members and friends. Nuclear family and flat system living style has forced them to make online friends for recreation.

Psychological Attack of Blue Whale Dare is knocking on our life style and we should not close our ears and eyes.


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Sunita Singhal
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