Diabetic Wounds can be cured! Is This Possible, As Claimed By A Viral Whatsaap Video?

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Diabetics- Wounds

Even today, very often it is not possible to cure the wounds of diabetic patients and when there are ulcer holes beneath the foot, then the condition of the diabetic patient becomes even more pathetic. No matter how advance medical science has grown, there are some diseases that are still not easy to cure. For some such disease there is natural cure, through our traditional medicines.

‘Wounds caused because of diabetes can be easily cured by our traditional medicines’ claims a video which went viral on whatsapp recently. Before we can know if it’s true, first let’s try to understand why diabetic patients receive such wounds.

When our body can’t produce adequate amount of insulin or when it is incapable of absorbing the required amount of insulin our body produces then the body is affected by diabetes. Therefore diabetes is not a disease, but it is rather a condition due to the shortage of insulin in our body.

Usually when people with diabetics receive wounds it does not cure very easily. Their legs very often go numb and since the nerves are affected, their legs often lose their ability and feeling sensation gets reduced. In the beginning diabetes patients often don’t realize this but as time goes by, they realize they start to feel numbness in their legs. Sometimes they might even feel like they are walking on a cushion and they don’t even realize sometimes when their slippers go off from their feet. People with diabetes often fail to sense when a nail or a thorn pierces through their legs. Since they don’t feel pain, they unknowingly put more and more pressure on the wound and the wound gets worse as days go by.

‘At the same time, since the arteries of the diabetes patient’s shrinks, the blood that goes to the tissues in their legs get reduced. During that time the wounds do not receive proper blood supply resulting in shotage of oxygen which delays healing process. Apart from this there is also a high risk of the wound getting infected with germs’, according to Vikatan.com, Tamil News website. That’s why it’s very important to always keep an eye on the level of diabetics in our blood and at the same time we must also be careful not to wound our foot or other parts of the body. While diabetics and its impacts are very harsh, let’s now look at that video which is going viral through whatsapp.

“Most people who get treatment for diabetics through modern medicines after taking treatment for some time and when there is no result, some of the hospitals suggest removing of fingers or foot. A patient who loses his money and his leg will only understand the pain involved in this process. But there is a wonderful treatment for diabetics. When my mother had a wound in her leg because of diabetics and the toe became black, the doctors advised amputation as the only solution. At that moment a thought came to my mind. These people who can’t cure even a small wound, how will they cure a serious wound received because of amputation. At this point I came to know that there is solution in our natural medicine .

The medicine is Avaram(Botanical name- CASSIA AURICULATA; SENNA AURICULATA) leaf. Grind the leaf nicely and take the paste on a spoon and after adding sesame oil, fry it under less heat for a shot while and then wrap it with a clean cotton cloth and tie it on the wound. After a month the wound totally disappeared. I did this to my mother myself and saw these results. You too will receive the same satisfaction I received after you do it yourself. Share it widely and save the legs of many people.” This is the message of the video.

Many people who didn’t know what to do with their diabetic wound, after seeing this video started following it.When we blindly follow what’s being said in the video shared on social media, some time there are chances of us being exposed to even greater dangers. So we took this matter and sought the expert opinion of Mr. Velayudam, a Siddha doctor.

“For patients in the beginning stage this medicine works well. But when no results could be seen then matthan oil could be applied. If even this doesn’t work then an ointment made with Mercury, Calomel, Mercuric Chloride, and Cinnabar is applied and it cures almost every wound.

Apart from this, in Siddha medicine there is cure for all diseases that are very difficult to cure through modern medicines.” He said. Medicine is related to the lives of people and information relating to it should be useful to people. It is with this this intension we have presented this article.

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