MBA during a Pandemic, Learning Online is Now a New Trend

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Learning Online MBA

Coronavirus has affected the world to a great extent. Not only is it one of the most severe pandemics humanity has seen, it has also affected the economy including all business sectors.

While most businesses have stopped functioning or have either resorted to work from home for the safety of their staff, education is one field that has been catching up with online learning the most. Online learning has become the only alternative for all educational institutions as schools and colleges have been closed, and these online courses and classes might save us from a gigantic education crisis.

Since the time a lockdown was announced in maximum countries, a lot of schools, colleges and universities have started online classes for students on platforms like zoom, skype, google meet and webex. It is rather convenient for students to just use their mobile phones and laptops and tune into lectures and classes. However this is a luxury for a large section of our society. Most countries have unequal education systems and schools also provide mid day meals to students in India. But internet service providers have reached every corner of the country to ensure education never stops. While there are several perks to online education, it is also difficult for professors to make it as interesting as a face to face interaction that occurs in every classroom.

Online education is a perfect model for many places where students can connect with teachers and professors anytime and earn more about their subjects. It is an effective method to continue education in this pandemic as everyone is in quarantine. Students and teachers both are now glued to their laptops for classes, assignments.

This period might prove to be very effective and productive for students who are still figuring out what to do in future. Quarantine has given them a lot of time to sit down and carefully chalk out plans about what they want to pursue. Students who wish to pursue MBA, this is the right time to check out colleges and universities, prepare for CAT as it is a long and time taking process.

MBA is a course that is gaining popularity because of the number of students aiming to pursue it. An MBA degree in today’s age is crafted and designed in a way that aims for the overall development with professional experience of every student. The rapid rise in the digital and marketing industry after this pandemic will also help students to understand consumer needs and marketing will be a field of attraction for many students. Students who wish to take up an MBA for post graduation need to sit for entrance and competitive exams and this might be a good time to start.

Why an MBA degree might be the correct decision after this pandemic ends

  • Many economic researchers and experts agree that this pandemic might actually trigger a recession which will massively affect the economies around the world and past results say that this spike up the demand of education, mostly courses that teach you understand market conditions.
  • A lot of students might choose an MBA degree because of its diversity, it offers a specialization in digital marketing, finance, business, executive management etc.
  • This quarantine period has made companies realize the importance of a digital presence, the digital sector might boom after this pandemic and therefore candidates can pursue MBA in digital marketing to understand more about the digital world.
  • Business School professors say that a lot of students choose to pick up an MBA course the most when there is an economic downturn.
  • The business world will soon become massively competitive where each one will try to capture the user’s or buyers’ attention to sell their product and service. For those who prioritize their education might be really benefited in the long run.
  • Human resources departments or every company will look for extremely skilled professionals as companies will not mass hire anymore. These companies will only handpick candidates who are extremely qualified in various fields and can add value to their company.
  • The saturated markets will help MBA graduates stand out.

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Even before this pandemic, maximum colleges especially MBA schools had opted online platforms for learning. In fact a lot of colleges and universities are offering full time MBA programs with world class professors and a rigorous curriculum. And meanwhile the colleges that have full time classes, they’re open online for online counselling sessions where students can clarify their doubts about the entrance exams and classes.

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Coaching classes have started giving online classes for CAT,GMAT and other private entrance examinations, students can also tune in for demo classes and to know more.

Knowledge is seamless, resources are limitless and this pandemic has taught us to make the most of our time. Education is the keystone to a successful future and nothing but skill and expertise can help us get through. There will be a totally different world after COVID-19 where new business practices will take birth. Only skills can help us be afloat and we must now make wise decisions even in education. Overall personality development and awareness will be focused upon and it’s time to navigate through educational and professional goals.


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Nidhi Jiya

Nidhi Jiya is an educational expert and consultant based in kolkata. She has been counselling students from various courses and guides them through their academic choices. She has also researched about the course Executive MBA in Kolkata and helps students get an insight into what benefits does an MBA degree have.