Pulwama Terror Attack: 4 Ways in Which the Common Man Can Counter Terrorism

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The recent terrorist attack in Pulwama, that killed 40 Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) jawans and wounded many more, has shaken the country to its core. We are still recovering from the loss of our brave soldiers, and yet the question arises: how can the common citizens of India help in countering terrorism in this country? While many may think that it is not possible for the masses to contribute to national security, there are ways in which every citizen can help in preventing such attacks.

Here are four ways in which citizens can help prevent a terrorist attack:

Constant Vigilance and Fast Action:

Being aware is of great importance if the citizens of the country want to prevent terrorist attacks in the future. The common masses must become the “eyes” and “ears” of the nation and inform the authorities about anything or anyone that looks suspicious.

Contact Helplines and the Authorities:

If you find a person behaving suspiciously or an object lying around without its owner close by, then it is best to call the authorities immediately, rather than taking the matters into your own hands. In situations such as these, you must act as fast as possible. So, save the helpline numbers on your phone or speed dial and contact the authorities as quickly as possible. The Anti-terror helpline number is 1090.

Be Prepared for Medical Emergencies:

In case you see an attack unfold or are present in the vicinity of the attack and are unharmed, ensure that medical aid reaches the critically wounded persons as quickly as possible, as this can save their lives. So, try to learn basic first-aid like stopping a wound from bleeding or conducting CPR, so that you can keep the wounded and injured people stable till the time medics have arrived.

Guide People to the Right Way:

During a terrorist attack, people panic, as everyone fears for their life. Amidst the chaos, all people want is to vacate that area and run for their lives. However, if they are not familiar with the place, they might go in the wrong direction. So, local citizens can help these people by guiding them toward the right exits, which will help save the lives of countless people.

These are some of the ways in which you can help prevent terrorist attacks and can also help people if an attack takes place.


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