Top Organic Food Companies In India

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Top Organic Food Brands in India

In India, agriculture, like any other system, has been practised for centuries and has successfully stood the test of time. However, with time it has undergone extreme changes to keep up with the changing technology, challenges, and ever-growing requirements of the constantly changing world.

For centuries agriculture was carried out without using artificial substances like man-made pesticides, insecticides, and fertilizers. However, advances in science and technology and the growing requirements lead to the intensification of conventional agriculture to increase productivity. To do the same, farmers started using synthetic compounds to increase productivity. However, lately, there has been intense criticism about the increased use of such toxic, synthetic substances in farming worldwide, which lead to the birth of various organic farming movements all over the world.

With the turn in the economic situation across the world including India, consumers can now afford to buy organic food products. The global climate change due to the rise in the levels of pollution has prompted consumers to become aware of food safety as it directly affects our health and the environment.

Organic food is now considered a healthy and eco-friendly alternative to food products grown with the help of chemical and synthetic substances. The conventional farming methods harm the environment adversely due to the usage of these toxic chemicals and also due to the intensive farming process. Apart from the consumers, even the farmers are opting for organic farming to not only stabilize the soil but also to increase their income by catering to the increasing demand for organic food products. Here, we will discuss the benefits of growing organic food products.

Benefits of Organic Food Products

Organic Food is Healthy:

Several scientific studies have shown that there is the presence of pesticides in organic food material is quite low when compared to food grown through conventional farming. Therefore, it is safe to believe that consuming organic food products will significantly reduce health risks.

Organic Food is GMO and Toxin-Free:

Organic food products have to pass through several rigorous safety tests and meet several regulation standards before going into the market for sale. These tests and regulations ensure that organic food products are free of toxic substances like synthetic fertilizers or pesticides or that GMOs are not used in the production process.

Organic Food has More Nutritional Content:

Recently researchers have found that organic food products are higher in nutrient content and contains a low amount of cadmium and nitrates.

Organic Food Farming is Good for the Environment:

Organic farming consists of eco-conscious agricultural practices and does not adversely affect the environment in the process of growing food products. It can help improve the quality of the soil and reduce water pollution.

Organic Food can Improve the Economy:

Organic food with all the proper certifications is priced higher than conventional food products as the companies take the food directly from the source without involving a middleman in the transaction. While the retail price of organic food is high, the production costs are low thereby ensuring that the farmers get a good return.

Best Organic Food and Grocery Brands In India

The quality of food that we consume directly affects our mental and physical health. As discussed before, organic food is safe, highly nutritious, and wholesome. You can buy organic food products online or from brick-and-motor shop. Here are some of the top organic food and grocery brands in India.

Organic Tattva:

One of the most popular organic food brand in India is Organic Tattva. You can buy all-natural, gluten-free food products from Organic Tattva including grains, pulses, and cereals. Apart from these, this organic food brand also sells 100 per cent natural vitamin supplements. All products from Organic Tattva has been manufactured without the use of synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, preservatives, or additives.


One of the oldest and fastest-growing organic brands in India, Farm2Kitchen provides consumers with a wide variety of organic food, available in varying quantities. This company connects directly with the farmers hailing from small cities and rural villages in India to bring the product to the metro cities, cutting out the middleman from the process.

Organic Garden:

The Organic Garden offers a range of organic food products at affordable prices. Like many other organic food brands, the Organic Garden also brings food items to the consumers directly from the farmers. The team of Organic Garden ensure that the vegetables, fruits, and other grocery products are high in quality and rich in nutrients.

Vision Fresh:

An online organic product store, Vision Fresh offers varied food items according to the preferences, needs, and choices of the consumers. A certified online platform, Vision Fresh sells 100 per cent natural and organic food like organic sweeteners, edible oil, health supplements, organic spices, and much more.

Top Organic Clothing and Cosmetic Brands in India

Organic food products keep us healthy and fit from the inside and organic cosmetic and clothing do the same from outside. Both these organic products, in turn, helps us protect the environment. Here we list the top organic makeup and clothing brands in India.

Forest Essentials:

This is the luxury ayurvedic cosmetic brand that has a staggering offline as well as an online presence in the market. One of the top five organic skincare brands in India, Forest Essential products is manufactured according to the traditional methods, following the age-old ayurvedic principles of skincare.

No Nasties:

India is primarily an agrarian economy with 70 per cent of its population practicing agricultural as their direct or indirect means of sustenance. Despite such a wide number of people being farmers, the country sees 12,000 farmers commit suicide each year due to the lack of funds, social security, loans, and stable income. Nasties aim to change this grim scenario by introducing ‘100% organic, 100% fair trade clothing’ in the market. This organic clothing brands procure raw materials directly from farmers and provides them with fair wages. The products are made from 100 per cent organic raw materials that are grown from plants without the use of synthetic pesticides or GMOs.

Organic Harvest:

As suggested by the name, this cosmetic and skincare brand uses ingredients that are derived from plants that are grown without the help of toxic fertilizers and pesticides. Organic Harvest products are also free of harmful chemicals, paraben, and mineral oils. Organic Harvest is known for its 100 per cent natural, plant-based, chemical-free, vegan beauty products.

Khadi Natural:

Who has not heard of khadi? But did you know that Khadi is also an organic beauty and skincare brand that is very popular in the organic market? The products are quite affordable and the brand is rated among the top 5 organic skincare brands in India. The products contain herbal ingredients and are manufactured under the supervision and guidance of ayurvedic experts.

How to Know Which Food Products are Organic?

To increase their sales, many companies have started using the word ‘organic’ extensively along with other words like ‘herbal’ and ‘natural’ without any credibility or certifications to back the claim. So, with such vague clarity on the authenticity of organic labels, how should consumer know which food product is organic and which is not.

If a food product is genuinely organic, it will have a ‘Jaivik Bharat’ logo on its packaging. This logo is a mark by which you can distinguish between organic and non-organic food products. This regulation was passed on April 2, 2019, by the FSSAI under the Food Safety and Standards (Organic Foods) Regulations, 2017. The FSSAI has made it mandatory for all organic food entrepreneurs to display this logo along with the FSSAI organic logo on the products.

Climate change is for real and organic farming is one of the best ways to control the degrading environment. Farmers needs more support to grown organic vegetables and there is a growing demand in the market for organic food products. If these two lines are connected then no doubt the organic movement will grow furthermore.


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