Wine Fast Becoming Modern Day Tipple

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Most European countries drink heavily.

Countries like Estonia, Lithuania and Belarus top the list. The trend is not only because most major brands originate from this part of the world but it also has to do with cultural patterns that are driving the region for centuries now.

The scene isn’t any different in India. There is a good percentage of Indian population, both in urban cities and rural areas which is addicted to alcohol.

While it hasn’t really transformed for rural India over the years, modern day population, living in towns and cities have grown smarter. They are not reluctant to experiment and try new drinks.

More people have started drinking wine over hardcore spirits lately. Beer is hardly considered an alcoholic drink, even though it has an average of 8% alcohol content.

A bottle of wine contains between 6 to 20% of alcohol which is good 50% less than a whiskey, rum or a vodka.

Drinking wine is the new fad these days. People all over the world love drinking wine. Not only, it is elegant and stylishly fashionable but extremely healthful too.

Modern day lifestyle is such that even the youth and fresh are prone to stress, anxiety and lifestyle diseases. Technology has been relied on too much. Given the current scenario, the change in drinking pattern is encouraging if not great.

Red wine contains resveratrol which offers host of health benefits. It helps in keeping cardiovascular diseases, strokes, diabetes and vision loss at bay.

Availability of wine these days is not a problem either. Hotels and restaurants have elaborated IMFL options on their menu these days.

Most suppliers in India either import wine from outside or manufacture it locally but it is totally different to how local alcoholic drinks like fenny, toddy and arack are produced.

If you too like to hit the bar often, wine isn’t a bad option to try. Who knows, you may already have been sipping it. 🙂 Take a look at this infographic and decide what are you game for? White or Red …

White wine versus red wine infographic


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