7 Trending Social Media Challenges During Covid 19 Lockdown Period in India

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Social Media challenges

India is in a period of 21 days lockdown to prevent the fatality of Covid 19. During this tough time of social distancing and self-isolation, the only healer is Social Media. Numerous memes, videos which entertaining us and brings smiles in our face. Not only these social media updates, there are also some unique challenges that get viral on social media. These engaging challenges help people to get rid of their boredome during this critical quarantine period. Lets discuss some of the trending challenges people are participating these days.

Trending Social Media Challenges

Only Until Tomorrow Challenge

You may have come across some of the social media posts with the hashtag #OnlyUntilTomorrow or #UntilTomorrow and no further information is given. Once you reacted to one of the post, the post owner will message you to post one of your old and embarrassing photo with the same hashtag and thus continue the chain.

Dalgona Coffee Challenge

This special type of coffee making challenge which starts from South Korea gradually becomes an internet sensation. The recipe is super simple. You just need instant coffee powder, hot water and sugar. Mix them and stir until creme texture appears. Then pour into a glass of ice cold milk. The expertise id the decoration. Next time try it at home.

Dance-Off Challenge

In this unique challenge, people are fighting against Corona Pandemic by keeping social distancing. During this quarantine period, people are dancing inside their home or roof. Some of the videos are:

Safe Hands Challenge

This challenge is equally interesting and useful too. As the name suggests, the challenge is to create a video of how you are washing your hands using soap or handwash liquids. Many celebrities participate in this challenge and post their videos to promote the awareness of washing your hands regularly. Here are some videos:

Priyanka Chopra during her #SafeHandsChallenge

Rakul Preet doing the safe hands challenge

Anita Hassnandani in the Safe hands challenge

Online Antakshari Challenge

The best way to beat the boredome is always Antakshari. But keeping the other factors in mind, the challenge is playing antakshari online. A person sings a song in a story and tags others with a letter for them to start the next song. And so on. Some posts of #Antaksharichallenge

Urvashi Rautela is playing #Antaksharichallenge

Sayantani Ghosh in #Antaksharichallenge

Tiger Shroff Accept the #Antaksharichallenge

Fitness challenges

During this quarantine period, keeping your health and physic at peak is a challenge. You can’t go to gym and compel to workout with the limited resources available at your home. So, people are taking this challenges and encouraging others by tagging them in their post. Some of the popular hashtags are: #See10Do10Challenge, #100SkippingChallenge, #PlankChallenge, #NoEquipmentWorkout

No Makeup Challenge

This challenge is really daring especially for the girls. But some of the bold one has accepted the challenge. In this task, you need to upload a picture of your no makeup look with hashtag #nomakeupchallenge and challenge others by tagging them in your post.

So, have you participated in any of the challenge yet? Please post in comment section.


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