Everything You Need to Know about the Modular Switches

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Modular Switches

Electrical switches and sockets provide the primary interface for all our electrical needs. In doing so, they become an important part of our home or office’s interiors. Modular switches are at par from the traditional switches in households. They have been game changers for the past few years. Their contribution to the interior décor has been remarkable. People are investing more time and effort behind choosing the perfect modular switch as compared to its traditional counterpart. The latest varieties of electrical switches are convenient, safe and easy to use. However, if you are not aware of their functionality and importance, we have got you covered.

Here is everything you should know what modular switches offer:

Remarkably aesthetic

Modular switches offer you a variety of colours, patterns, designs and textures. You can choose from simple and classic whites or ivories, or go with bold and stunning colours such as yellow and royal blue. They blend seamlessly with your interiors and fit perfectly with the modern design.

Safety Feature

The best modular switches for home in India are made from sturdy and fire retardant materials for added safety of your family. They are made with high-quality materials to give you the maximum safety you could expect out of a switch. For example: All sockets are shuttered to avoid accidental contact of your kids with any live electrical parts.

Longer lifespan

As compared to the traditional switches, modular switches have a longer lifespan and require minimum maintenance. In case if any switch malfunctions, instead of removing the entire board, you can only remove the faulty switch for repair.


Modular switches are designed keeping in mind to provide maximum comfort. They have a soft push function that allows you to switch on or switch off electrical appliances with a gentle touch. The ease for use allows you to easily add switches, sockets, fan regulators and other functions without much effort. If you are planning to upgrade your traditional switches to modular switches, the process of installation has been simplified because of the advanced mechanism.


The modular switches can be used for different applications, like automation, security and day-to-day activities. These switches can be installed in different parts of your home in order to serve the various needs. However, the primary application of modular switches is to carry out heavy-duty applications. These switches offer immense flexibility as they are easy to install and remove.

What type of modular switches do you need in your home?

With plenty of options, it can get difficult to decide on which switch to buy. You will first need to check the current rating of the switch. Here is some basic guidance to get you started. However, you should also consult your electrician for an expert opinion on your needs and requirements.

  1. 6A/10A switches are for your basic fans and lighting
  2. 16A/20A switches are for heavier lights, moderate power consumption appliances like TV, cooler etc.
  3. 25A/32A switches are for heavy appliances like geysers, air conditioners, motors

Modular switches and sockets are definitely better than conventional electricals with their hidden screws, anti-weld design, smooth and silent operation, and secured sockets. In addition to this, the customization options offered by these products make them far superior than conventional switches and sockets. With a plethora of options in aesthetic and technical specifications, it can be difficult to choose the ideal match. Nevertheless, with the growing fad of modular switches because if its benefits, they are a must-buy for your home.


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